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Advice please - Petersfield / East Sheen

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raspberrysundae Mon 29-Nov-10 21:46:21

Please advise. I currently live on the coast 250 miles from London, DH works in the City living in East Sheen Mon-Thurs and travelling back to me and our 3 children (ages 8, 6, 4) on Friday for a very short weekend travelling back to London overnight on Sunday evening. We moved here 3 years ago from East Sheen (having lived in the area for 14 years) to be closer to family. At the time DH was able to work from home but has since changed jobs and it is no longer possible. The commuting back and forth has become too much for DH along with the long hours he works and the time apart is hard for us all especially the children. Anyway(!) we are looking to move either back to East Sheen or elsewhere around Spring of 2011. We have a house in East Sheen which is currently let out so the simple option would be to move back to our house and settle back into our old life. We know East Sheen and surrounds has so much going for it, however both DH and a little part of me feels that all those things that were irritating before (traffic, parking, aircraft noise...) are all still there but will feel so much worse after living in 'the country'. We have been looking at Hampshire as an option and are considering Petersfield and surrounding area but really do not know much about the place and would welcome info. Where do you go for clothes shopping? Eating out? What is great about Petersfield? Especially with a young family? We do not want to move the children again in the near future if we can help it so it is important we get this move right!!

Sidge Mon 29-Nov-10 22:17:01

Petersfield is lovely, the town is quite quaint (old market town) and surrounding countryside is very rural.

Petersfield is within fairly easy reach of Portsmouth, Guildford and Chichester, all of which have good shopping.

There are some nice schools in and around Petersfield, housing isn't cheap.

I don't live there but have friends that do, and live not too far away!

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