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Help! I need a christening bib!

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Dahlia Fri 22-Aug-03 17:33:24

My Mum has just bought a gorgeous christening gown for dd2 but there isn't a bib with it - I haven't got the energy to go traipsing round shops, so does anyone know of anywhere that sells pretty ivory bibs? I have to get one as she is quite a sicky baby. I have tried Mothercare but they don't sell any, and I only have a few weeks to find one. Thanks!

musica Fri 22-Aug-03 19:02:50

John Lewis do some - might be worth phoning first, but our local one always has some in. Hth!

fisil Fri 22-Aug-03 19:04:19

I have one - never used cos we didn't use bibs when ds was tiny. Do you want me to post you it?

Wills Fri 22-Aug-03 19:08:53

John Lewis definitely do them. Roughly where are you?

Wills Fri 22-Aug-03 19:11:58

Alternatively for complete ease why not order over the web.


Dahlia Fri 22-Aug-03 20:52:50

fisil, that would be brilliant - have just looked at Wills' links and they all cost about £13 - I am not a skinflint but I refuse to pay that for a bib! What is yours like? I will give you something for it, you would be helping me out!!! My nearest John Lewis is a bit of a hike.

fisil Fri 22-Aug-03 21:24:18

It's a sort of satin material, white, kind of circular in shape with lace trim around the edge. It has Baby embrodered across it, also in white. It was an unwanted gift from a beloved relative, so I will just be happy that it is being put to use! I don't know how to do the address thing on here - any help?

fisil Wed 27-Aug-03 21:06:16

Dahlia, sorry I have been totally dizzy about this. Bib is now in the post. I have no idea why I didn't open my e-mail account for 5 whole days. Hope you like it.

Dahlia Wed 27-Aug-03 21:21:35

Many thanks fisil! You are v. kind - I only sent the second email as I am not very computer minded and thought I might have done it wrong the first time.

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