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older mothers (with/without younger partners)

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esme1 Thu 21-Aug-03 16:58:14

Hi, just wondering whether there's anyone else out there who is, say, 40 plus, and pregnant? I already have two boys (8 and 6) and didn't consider myself too old when I delivered them at 35 and 37. So now I'm 44, with a 35 year old partner, and nine weeks pregnant. I know it there's a higher risk of miscarriage now, and of chromosomal defects if I get past that, but generally, I'm feeling fit and positive. Between Sept 1999 and May 2003 I had five miscarriages in a row, and after investigations nothing except a tendendency for my blood to clot was identified as a problem. So I embarked on a conscious pre conception health thing and am taking aspirin. I'd just say, keep trying, to anyone who has experienced multiple miscarriage. In my case, it would have been helpful if the medical profession (inc St Mary's Paddington, the Early Pregnancy Advisory Unit and the GP's) had given me any guidance or suggestions about nutrition, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, to which I now attribute this pregnancy. Please keep your fingers crossed, say prayers, or send good vibes that I keep this one, and look forward to hearing from you.

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