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when is a tummy ache more serious???Help please!

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Angeliz Wed 20-Aug-03 21:19:53

Hi, my dd who is 2 and half didn't want a bath tonight and seemed to be screaming in pain. I was VERY worried and asked where it hurt. She said her tummy but was pointing higher. This went on for a good five minutes and eventually i managed to soothe her. She later asked for supper and said she was fine!! Went to bed no problem. She ussually sleeps pretty solid till 4ish but woke half an hour ago screaming. I went to her and she was writhting around on the bed crying. She got out but when i went to cuddle her she went to the other side of the room and sat down and said "LEAVE ME!". It only took five minutes for it all to be over. She has had alot of wind (coming out that is!) so i thought it was maybe constipation...cramps...but i'm V worried

hewlettsdaughter Wed 20-Aug-03 21:30:50

Hi Angeliz, not sure I can help but are you in the UK? Could you ring NHS Direct for some advice?

Angeliz Wed 20-Aug-03 21:33:53

i usually do ring them when i'm worried but i was trying to be logical and think is it something minor(like trapped wind)but it wasn't nice to watch,,,,think i'll give them a ring to see whst they suggest thuogh if she wakes like that again........

MABS Wed 20-Aug-03 21:35:36

Trust your own instinct. You know your child, no-one else does - if you're worried then call the doc. Good luck

3GirlsMum Wed 20-Aug-03 21:39:49

Have a think back to what foods she has eaten is there anything there that could have triggered this off. If she has a lot of wind then its likely the cause of her tummy ache but like has been suggested if really worried contact the GP on call or NHS Direct.

Has she been going to the toilet regularly or has she seemed constipated lately, has she eaten a lot of vegetables or fruit today or maybe spicey food?

Try her with a warm drink, maybe something like a milky cup of tea as this will help her bowels to open if that is the cause of the problem. HTH.

Angeliz Wed 20-Aug-03 21:40:26

i just rang NHS direct and am waiting for a call back from a nurse, see tahts the thing MABS you are right, it seems like a tummy ache but she never shies away from a cuddle,

Angeliz Wed 20-Aug-03 22:00:12

hi just spoke to nurse from NHS direct. He took LOTS of details and was very thorough and after all this told me that there are some nasty bugs around lately with alot of cases of gastric flus.....(i know what i mean but sure is spelt wrong). They are great and just checked on dd and is fast asleep! Thanks all for replying,

3GirlsMum Wed 20-Aug-03 22:20:12

If I were you I would steer clear of milk and dairy products tomorrow if possible as these can aggravate the tummy. Just make sure that she has plenty of very diluted juice or water to help flush her system through. Hope she feels better soon. Take care. xx

lou33 Wed 20-Aug-03 22:22:30

Just watch for the pain in her tummy shifting to the right. Appendicitis often starts with a general pain around the tummy area that slowly moves over the appendix. I'm sure it probably isn't but just in case(don't want to worry you, sorry)...

wobblymum Thu 21-Aug-03 06:23:14

Give her some ginger biscuits if she'll eat them because if it's just wind the ginger should settle it nicely. Ginger powder dissolved in hot water works better but it's foul and I wouldn't inflict that on a 12 year old, let alone a 2 year old!

Trust your instincts and if you're still worried, whip her down to the doctors.

hewlettsdaughter Thu 21-Aug-03 07:53:40

Hi, just wondering how your dd is this morning? Hope she is feeling better.

zebra Thu 21-Aug-03 07:56:35

How early can apendicitus strike? I believe one has high fever with that, too, though.

Jimjams Thu 21-Aug-03 08:21:21

the other clue with appendicitus is that it hurts after you stop pressing, rather than when you are pressing the tummy.

Angeliz Thu 21-Aug-03 10:08:35

hi and thanks for all kind words. DD woke again at 11 and again at 2 had a restless night but seems fine this morning. After talking with my mum though i dicovered she hasn't had a bowel movement yesterday.She had toast and water for breakfast and as we are going food shopping later i will pop to the pharmacy and see if they have any suggestions! I am quite worried about her diet anyway as i CANNOT get her to eat fruit and veg.i've tried dinners, stews, pies, funny pics on the plate...hiding the veg by making my own sausages and burgers.......just wont eat veg. She has just started eating apples and bananas again though. Thankful for small mercys!!!Will let you all know how she goes...i'm praying for a poo..........

SamboM Thu 21-Aug-03 10:10:19

Angleiz, watch out for Bananas, they cause constipation!

Angeliz Thu 21-Aug-03 10:12:27

yeah, she hasn't had any today btu thanks.!Need to let it out not keep it in

Angeliz Thu 21-Aug-03 12:39:07

Myy dd just had a bowel movement Just thought i'd share that

hewlettsdaughter Fri 22-Aug-03 11:58:05


wickedstepmother Fri 22-Aug-03 12:05:46

My 12 month old DD had a smiliar thing last night.She was awake until 2.45am screaming in pain, I would guess that she had an dodgy
tum as she would go all stiff, scream and then do a trump ! I gave her Calpol but it didn't do much to be honest, cuddles were the only thing that seemed to bring relief. She wouldn't go to sleep in her cot and would wake up even if she'd been asleep for 20 mins+ in my arms before I tried to put her down. Ended up bringing her into bed with us, and she seemed to sleep
quite peacefully then. She woke me at 6.30 (threw her dummy at my head!) and I put her back into her cot and she slept for another hour and a half. Poor little mite :-( She seems much better today though so hopefully tonight
will be a peaceful one ! Her first dirty nappy today was runny and much smellier than usual, so I assume it was an upset tum. The things us parents do.....

Angeliz Sat 23-Aug-03 00:23:10

wsm i just read your post and did laugh when you said "threw a dummy at my head" dd usually wakes and says in a sort of metal mickey verses Charlotte Church kind of voice "turn around play wiv air".(turn around so i can play with your hair.)It is funny how life changes isn't it?Hope your dd is good now

robinw Sat 23-Aug-03 09:16:49

message withdrawn

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