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Question for Londoners re: theatre tickets

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Lindy Wed 20-Aug-03 18:03:01

Hope anyone living in London can advise me; my mother & I are planning a weekend in London in October (the weekend that half term starts). We would like to go to the theatre & get 'cheaper' tickets on the night. Do you think you can always get to see something? We would be flexible in our choice and don't mind if the seats are together but don't want to end up with nothing !

Any advice would be welcome, thanks in advance.

Janstar Wed 20-Aug-03 18:10:39

There is a booth in Leicester Square where you can buy tickets cut price for that day or evening's performances.

mears Wed 20-Aug-03 18:16:14

That's where we got tickets recently. I would recommend Blood Brothers. It was fantastic.

Mooma Wed 20-Aug-03 18:38:35

If you look at they have lots of good deals for theatre tickets, often including a meal beforehand. Unfortunately the site wasn't working properly when I tried to buy Les Mis tickets recently, but I've checked it and it seems to be OK now. The only snag is that some of the seats are not in brilliant places, so before you buy, check this site for the theatre seating plans:London Theatre Guide .
Hope that helps - have a lovely time.

oliveoil Wed 20-Aug-03 21:22:45

If only I still worked where I used to work Lindy, would have been able to sort you out. Sorry, not much help that was it.

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