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anybody actually used cash4gold et al??

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countless Wed 17-Nov-10 21:10:14

are they all really scams and rip offs? i'm sure i caught the end of an episode of watchdog warning about these companies that buy gold.
has anyone used one with a success?
i have a really horrible humungous gold necklace, gift from ex. i'd love to be rid of but am i stupid to even consider using one of these companies?

hpsaucy Wed 17-Nov-10 21:14:54

i used hatten garden metal. excellent service give you a estimate online, you then send special delivery and money in bank the day they receive gold.

I've used twice and a few members of my family have used them to.

dont use any of the one advetised on tv, the gold price they offer is crap. hatten garden give to that days gold price

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