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Little Kickers classes in and around the Watford area - pls read if you have or know kids between ages 2 & 5

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Thomcat Tue 20-Sep-05 14:16:43


My very, very good and lovely friend has just started up on her own doing Little Kickers classes and I wanted to let you all know about it.

Classes are starting up in and around Watford.

The unique, highly popular classes are run for pre-school children aged between two and five years of age. Little Kickers was the brainchild of Christine Stanschus and Sarah Field, and set up in February 2003 in response to demand from their own children and friends and a nationwide increase in childhood obesity problems.

The groundbreaking programme was developed by FA coaches, nursery school teachers and parents, with input from child health specialists. Each class is run by two coaches and enables the children to develop sound football skills whilst encouraging them to acquire early learning skills such as colour and number recognition, awareness of the world around them and socialisation, in a fun environment.

Over 1000 children attend Little Kickers classes in Greater London on a weekly basis and the programme is expanding nationwide through a franchise network. Little Kickers also run classes for the government funded Surestart programme on a not-for-profit basis.

“School of excellence: Little Kickers classes emphasise fun rather than formal training” “…the tuition is impressive” “…the gifted and patient teachers ran through a series of drills that stealthily educated their half-pint charges” - Independent on Sunday, 14th November 2004

“Little Kickers is wonderful! It’s Benjamin’s favourite activity of the week.” – Natasha G, Barnes

“My son, Harry, attended his first Little Kickers class at Wimbledon last Friday. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with it. Harry absolutely loved it and the two coaches were fantastic and really involved the two “new boys” straight away. I can see Harry being a Little Kicker for a long time!”- Jo C, Wimbledon

To find out more information please call 01923 822549.

Thomcat Tue 20-Sep-05 17:53:12

a bump for anorak and kahleigh and anyone else in the watford area.

TC x

anorak Tue 20-Sep-05 17:57:49

Ah thanks Thomcat but ds has started full-time in reception this week.

Surely there are others round here with little 'uns though?

Thomcat Tue 20-Sep-05 17:59:40

Thanks Anorak.
I'm not sure who else is around this way with kids of teh right age but couldn't forget you and kahleigh, although I think hers might be a bit older.

How are you anyway hon'?

anorak Tue 20-Sep-05 18:04:28

I'm fine thanks, much better. You?

Thomcat Tue 20-Sep-05 18:07:36

Are you, oh I'm so pleased.
I'm okay hon. Wish I had time to enjoy my pregnancy more but hey ho, life goes on, it's just so, so hectic and work is madder than mad.
Got my active birth classes starting this week so that'll be a nice opportunity to do some real proper bonding.

MummyOf3children Fri 04-Mar-16 17:47:47

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