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Eastenders - What make is Laura's pram ?!!!

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wickedstepmother Mon 18-Aug-03 20:41:30

Usually I'm a bit of a pram know-it-all but can't figure out who makes the one Laura Beale owns. It's a 3-wheeler + carrycot, can anyone enlighten me as it is REALLY bugging me ?!

Note to self : Must get out more

misdee Mon 18-Aug-03 20:43:29

hehe, its when barry and nat got their 3wheeler, was just after i bought mine, everyone was like 'oooooo its the one barry and nat have in eastenders.' i cant remember if it was the same model but very similar.

wickedstepmother Mon 18-Aug-03 20:54:18

Think I've got it ! I reckon it's a HAUCK Scirocco.

TheOldDragon Mon 18-Aug-03 21:01:49

You are sad. SAD I tell you!

wickedstepmother Mon 18-Aug-03 21:03:34

You don't have to tell me

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