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missing item from the removals

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guddy Mon 18-Aug-03 14:51:50

I would really appreciate an advice on this one.
We moved house first week of august.we used a removals agency from cardiff.
We realised that our iron (expensive one and new as well)and its box was missing ............also checked in the old house.
When i called the removals agency today they told me that i had to claim within 7 days and that there was an excess of 50£(the iron is worth 45£.
Iam sure they have taken it because the iron and its box were kept seperately and both are missing coincidently!!!!
they are not registered with BAR(British Association of Removals).
Wanted to know if there is anything i could do or complain anywhere.
Has anyone else had an experience like this.

Lindy Tue 19-Aug-03 09:47:02

Sorry to hear this but doubt there is much you can do - try sending a couple of legal sounding letters.

Our neighbours lost several boxes of stuff when they moved and they have never been able to get anything out of the removals company.

Try asking Citizens Advice?

guddy Wed 20-Aug-03 08:56:00

Its really frustrating that you cant do anything .
Anyways thanks for posting.Will surely try shooting some letters.

3GirlsMum Wed 20-Aug-03 09:22:13

Hi Guddy

If you got a contract from them that specifies claim within 7 days and you didnt then unfortunately theres not a lot you can do about it. Sorry.

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