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Anyone know how to get into radio jingle work-singing?!

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Dorisday Mon 20-Aug-01 15:19:57

I really would love to be able to do work , singing(but not in front of an audience!!) wondered if anyone knew how i could get into it?

Tigermoth Tue 21-Aug-01 10:13:46

Dorisday, I have some actor friends who get voice-over work, though not jingle-singing, as such. They have compilation tapes to show their range and abilities. In London, I believe you can attend courses to help you do this. My friends are also members of Equity.

If you can get hold of 'The Actor's Yearbook' ( I think that's the name) I'm sure you can find out more - or try phoning Equity.

Bron Wed 22-Aug-01 08:49:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dorisday Wed 22-Aug-01 20:28:18

Thanks very much,guys!! I had a feeling i may need to be in equity-i think it is a catch 22 with that as i think u need to have a bit of a cv-which i don't really have. but i will check out the stage-cheers!!london isn't a possibility 4 me as i am up north.

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