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Face-painters in North West London?

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sis Tue 12-Aug-03 20:10:39

My dh has been asked to find a face painter to paint a few faces at a very small neighbourhood 'event'on either the 23rd or 30th August. Does anyone have any recommendations?

lou33 Tue 12-Aug-03 20:25:49

My sister had a do and organised some entertainment for the kids to keep them occupied. She used a company called The Face Place , and they were excellent. Too good to wash away afterwards! They did boys as well , Ds1 loved it. You could see if they go to London. Hth.

SueW Tue 12-Aug-03 22:32:01

Check on \link{}. Everyone who is listed has to be off a certain standard before they are allowed to join Face (UK Face Painters' Association). They'll have insurance etc and I'm pretty certain you'll be impressed.

SueW Tue 12-Aug-03 22:33:28

Try again!


Look under Members List BTW

sis Wed 13-Aug-03 10:07:59

Thanks Sue and Lou, will check them out later today.

lisalisa Wed 13-Aug-03 10:20:16

Message withdrawn

Jenie Wed 13-Aug-03 10:43:06

For a bit of a laugh at my dds birthday party we put the base coat of white on and let either the parents or the children do their own faces.

We put up pictures for inspiration and helped by making sure that there wasn't too much water on sponges and brushes.

A good time was had by all, especially the dads who were persuaded by their partners to have theirs done!!

sis Wed 13-Aug-03 11:44:09

Yes please lisalisa! Jenie, that sounds like a good laugh - although sadly not one we could try out for this event.

SueW Thu 14-Aug-03 23:23:55

It is good fun letting the kids loose on paints - I have a brilliant pic of my SIL painted as a princess by her daughter (a ladybird) and my DD (a dalmation).

I'm face painting tomorrow for a Chernobyl Children's party. Should be fun.

Seagull Sun 17-Aug-03 01:06:49

Recently attended a party with a wonderful face painter. She worked at Harrods as their face painter, in the kids depatment. Sorry but I don't remember her name.

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