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Good places to live in Telford

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golds Sun 11-Sep-05 16:30:35

Does anyone know of the better places to live in Telford, with good schools as main priority.

Also the places to avoid

Thanks in advance

jampots Sun 11-Sep-05 16:31:17

apparently parts of Madeley are very nice.

Woodside apparently is not

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:26:46


MaloryTowers Mon 12-Sep-05 17:28:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fio2 Mon 12-Sep-05 17:33:11

be careful of flooding if you choose anywhere by the severn

but <cough> personally i wouldnt move there at all. i love shropshire on thwe whole but mainly shrewsbury, much wenlock and ludlow. ironbridge is nice just the river scares me to death

is this for you golds? are you getting bored of stafford my dear?

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:33:22

I keep seeing on rightmove nice houses in The Rock, whats that like ? (probably horrible my luck, but house are nice for the price)

MaloryTowers Mon 12-Sep-05 17:35:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:36:20

completely bored we have been in our house 4 years now (the longest ever) I like Telford cause of the shopping, park, iceskating etc.

Dh is going for a interview on Thursday and the areas to cover are either Wolverhampton, Walsall, Telford or Shrewsbury all accessible from Stafford I know but just fed up with house.

Fio have you any opinion on Parkside Primary as a school ? the houses are bigger over that side of Stafford, but don't want to move in case I get it all wrong for them

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:37:46

Thabks Malory, interesting as we could afford a bigger house there, just hope dh gets this job, fingers crossed for Thursday

MaloryTowers Mon 12-Sep-05 17:39:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:41:30

we could jump from a 3 bed semi to a 4 bed detached, just paying approx 10k more.

Telford reminds me of MKeynes, a place I miss so much.

Fio2 Mon 12-Sep-05 17:43:20

I nearly bought a house on the parkside estate! it was one of those triangular house, you know the sort. parkside used to have a reputation for being a bit rough but tbh i have known people who live there and they have found it fine. On the whole apart from Highfields and moss pit, stafford isnt really rough is it?! You arent from Stafford are you? I was born in cannock and tbh i always felt a bit of an outsider in stafford and didnt really have a big 'pull' towards the place.

I have relatives in Wolverhampton aswell, if you want to know areas there too

btw youy dont know the phone number for castle caravans do you? they are off that road uup to amerton farm, my caravan is there and they havent sent me an invoice for this year and I am getting worried!

golds Mon 12-Sep-05 17:52:12

can't find the number just looked in YPages, can't see it.

I am from Rugeley originally, but lived in Kent & MK. Stafford is nice, but we moved to WX to come under Walton catchment and can't progress house size in this area. I just worry so much about the kids I need to get it right for them, supposedly this catchment is one of the top and I would kick myself if I moved them all for the sake of me wanting another bedroom and boredem

Fio2 Mon 12-Sep-05 17:56:58

Weston road school is pretty good though IMO, have you looked at Kingston Hill?

gothicmama Mon 12-Sep-05 18:11:52

Good and bad bits in all areas of Telford North Telford is nicer in m o For schools check out Telford and Wrekin website and decide on the school first then the area

Princesspinkgirl Wed 19-Apr-17 09:16:50

Dont go cant get a job here i live in madley ive struggled since coming here last year its depressing full of chavs and no work google it says telfords uks worst place to live im swiftly moving on from here in 3 months and it cant come soon enough!!

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