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% year old boys birthday party.

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codswallop Fri 08-Aug-03 21:24:14

Just to let others know what worked.
1. A pinata - fantastic.
2. Bubble mats sheets from party that you jumop on in teams - really great.
3 Eating sweets from a plate of icing sugar with no hands.
4. The hose and paddling pool
5. Ice creams (smarties ones) for pudding
6 Got him a disposable camera - VERY pleased

Wouldnt bother with the food holders - the jeep things - too much hassle. they ate hardly anything.

Knex Lego Marble run, Power bloody rangers, Hulk Figures and stuff. Ninja turtles (!)
Not interested in badges with cards.

codswallop Fri 08-Aug-03 21:24:33

5 year old!

motherinferior Fri 08-Aug-03 21:27:19

And nice drinkies for mummy to recover with afterwards, I trust?

codswallop Fri 08-Aug-03 21:27:20

PS gave all the parents a drink when they came to collect so we had a good time too. Party ended at 4 30 and we turfed the last one out at 7

WedgiesMum Fri 08-Aug-03 21:45:46

But what did you do about the cake????

(I'm a woman obsessed.......)

codswallop Sat 09-Aug-03 20:57:17

Incredible Honk - how kind of you to rmember. Concluded that the 354 days discussing what sort of cake he will have are better use of time than the day he has it!

Ghosty Sun 10-Aug-03 01:30:47

Coddy .... sorry ... am rofl ... "Incredible Honk"? .... really tickles me ...
I just love typos ....
Glad you had a lovely party ...
Particularly like the Knex Lego Marble Run idea ...
Suitable for a 4 year old?

codswallop Sun 10-Aug-03 08:39:25

knex very good - they do 2 types - one for littleies. Honk is what ds2 calls it. Theres a thread on it somewhere.

Marble run gift from Princess pea head. They have both those toys at school so cant be bad.

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