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Today my DD is 1 year old !

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wickedstepmother Fri 08-Aug-03 09:22:15

Wow ! Today is my gorgeous little red-head's birthday, a whole year old.

I can't believe how quickly her first year has passed, and yet it feels like I've known her forever. She has achieved so much, her first smile, first word, teeth, crawling, every day there's a first for her. I cannot put into words how much I love this cheeky little menace, I didn't think it was possible but every day I love her more.

Happy Birthday Angel

motherinferior Fri 08-Aug-03 09:26:38

Happy birthday from a slightly older redhead!

Yes, it's wonderful isn't it. Wait another year, they get even better!

whymummy Fri 08-Aug-03 09:29:46

happy birthday to your beautiful dd,hope you have a lovely day!

breeze Fri 08-Aug-03 09:32:01

happy birthday to your dd.

doormat Fri 08-Aug-03 09:32:41

happy birthday to your cute dd

wickedstepmother Fri 08-Aug-03 09:33:04

DH is going to try anf finish work at 12.30 today so we can go out for a birthday tea with the kids Fingers crossed !

wickedstepmother Fri 08-Aug-03 09:33:58

Have we any other birthday babies ???

SamboM Fri 08-Aug-03 10:21:53

Happy Birthday to the little redhead - my absolutely fave colour for hair (my dd, dh and dog are all red!)

eidsvold Fri 08-Aug-03 10:22:37

my dd was 1 last Friday and it is amazing when you think about the past year and what she has achieved. We overdid her celebrations a bit - zoo for her birthday, BBQ with family and friends on Saturday, visitors Sunday and then off to Grandma's on Monday. Poor little thing was worn out.

Happy birthday to your little one. Hope you manage a birthday tea tonight - enjoy!!

ANGELMOTHER Fri 08-Aug-03 10:24:16

Happy Birthday to the little one, amazing how fast that first year goes......and the second........and the third....

Mo2 Fri 08-Aug-03 10:29:58

DS2 was 1 last Sunday (3rd). Can't believe a year has passed already... I was up giving him his milk at about 6.15 that morning- rest of family still asleep - and I had a sudden surge of emotion when I remembered waking up exactly a year ago in hospital with him nuzzled up next to me (we'd both fallen asleep after I'd fed him in bed lying down..)and just looking down and thinking how gorgeous he was, and what a miracle birth is....Ooooooh - feel all broody again...

(now he's a stroppy almost-toddler who screams the house down when he doesn't get his Petit Filous within 30 seconds of being put in his high chair... )

eefs Fri 08-Aug-03 10:55:41

ds will be three in a month. (ok ok I should be on another thread) I can't believe how he's grown and how he's become such a part of my life, I can't imagine life without him anymore. He's still changing all the time, he seems to have a new word and new cheeky action every day. He's still an affectionate little baby though when he's just woken up. such a little charmer.

Mocha Fri 08-Aug-03 11:13:12

Happy birthday to your DD wickedstepmother. My DD was 1 last friday (1st).
Your right, the last year just seems to have flown by.
My DD is now walking on her own, and climbing the stairs if I leave the living room gate open. Yesterday she came down them properly (backwards) most of the way.
She has the cheeekiest grin as well If I feed her from a jar when I am out and she gets hold of the lid, she tries to put it back on.
Better make he most of tis time as the next 18 years will probably go just as quickly.

CAM Fri 08-Aug-03 11:20:09

Loved your posting WSM and Happy Birthday to your dd!

Mo2 Fri 08-Aug-03 12:58:21

Oops - got carried away in my ramblings and forgot to say "Happy Birthday Little WickedStepmother's daughter....!"

codswallop Fri 08-Aug-03 14:01:02

and my ds1 is 5!

Claireandrich Fri 08-Aug-03 15:13:52

Happy Birthday from me and my lovely 16mo DD! It really does just get better! Have a great time.

Lennie Fri 08-Aug-03 15:22:14

Happy Birthday!

My DS is 1 tomorrow. He's such a happy little boy and I know what you mean, WSM, about loving them more every day. Every morning when I go to get him out of bed and he's standing up smiling it's such a joy.

Had to laugh today though, as friends of ours have sent him a card and present for a two year old :D

SamboM Fri 08-Aug-03 15:43:57

My dd will be a year in September.

What did you all do for 1st birthday parties (for entertainment). I was thinking of putting on a home made punch & judy - are they too young for it?

Northerner Fri 08-Aug-03 15:53:25

Happy birthday to your dd. When my ds was 1 (he's now 16 months) I also felt it was a celebration of my survival!

My ds is just soooo gorgeous I can't tell you how much I love him.

The other day he escaped whilst I was changing his nappy and squatted in front of the TV and did a poo on the floor (we have laminate floor so it was easy to clean!) When he finished his poo he bent down next to it and said Hello! Cracked me up that did saying hello to his poo.

wobblymum Fri 08-Aug-03 17:33:06

Happy birthday! Can you even remember now what life was like without her?

Mocha Fri 08-Aug-03 22:55:16

LOL Northener

anais Fri 08-Aug-03 23:21:13

Well my first little baby will be 5 in about 3 weeks, scary stuff!

Congrats Ws, and your little angel

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