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Pirates of the Caribbean

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tallulah Thu 07-Aug-03 22:52:19

Just taken DS x3 to see this. Never been into Johnny Depp but I'm a sucker for a man in make-up (especially of the rough but camp variety, as his character).

Film a touch over-long but all 4 of us enjoyed it. Anyone else seen it yet?

It's another dreaded 12A by the way, what IS the point of this new rating? Didn't appreciate the chatter of the moppet of 4 at the back of the cinema & I'm sure it went over her head.

samACon Thu 07-Aug-03 23:07:17

I'm dying to see it, but I have to get rid of my DS's first! They're too young I think (5 + 3) although they would enjoy it at home, cinema environment is a bit intimidating for them. They can wait for the DVD - this ones mummys treat.

pie Thu 07-Aug-03 23:58:04

I thought Depp was hilarious, really like Keith Richards.

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