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Bumblelion Thu 07-Aug-03 12:44:37

Anyone live in Worthing/East Preston/Rustington/Angmering/Littlehampton area.

Am thinking of relocation from Surrey but would like feedback from anyone that lives in that vicinity.

What are schools like? Quality of life for children? House prices?

lou33 Thu 07-Aug-03 13:07:07

Bumblelion, this may help for Littlehampton, also the local paper may have info. I've been to visit friends there and wasn't really too keen, but it depends on what you are looking for.

Tortington Thu 07-Aug-03 16:52:33

i do
i live in boring goring haven for everyone over the age of 82!
that being said its great - theres the sea and the sea side and the sea. you can race old people in electric wheelchairs on your bike

truly though i love it. i love being close to the sea and being able to ride a bike. my kids go to a catholic school whoch is very very good.

but you can reserch schools and house prices online.

i think all house prices anywhere south of birmingham are outragous - the world has gone mad! i do think paying between 130 -150K for an ex council house on an ex council housey street to insane to contemplate, not that its not a nice area it isnt but in gtr manchester you were looking at similar but bigger houses for 30K.

oh yes dont let the fact ilive here put you off much!

Tortington Thu 07-Aug-03 16:54:24

MABS MABS has recently bought property in the areaish, maybe she could help.

MABS Thu 07-Aug-03 19:12:12

and Mabs is moving there tomorrow, though it's Upper Beeding we're moving to which is further over than Custy. So i'm up to my ears in packing but will post more later - only thing i would say is that I hate Littlehampton - sorry to offend anyone.

fio2 Thu 07-Aug-03 19:17:27

custardo my cousin lives in Edgbaston in Brum and the prices are going up at a phenominal rate. So I think alot of places prices are getting out of hand. Does that make any sense whatsoever? (you can say no if you like)

lou33 Thu 07-Aug-03 19:52:36

Phew Mabs I didn't want to be the first to say it!

ks Thu 07-Aug-03 20:06:26

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 07-Aug-03 20:10:30

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 07-Aug-03 20:26:00

Ks I did post on conversations to ask about your school but had no replies. You could try here , or maybe this will give up something useful. I might be able to answer some questions though, if you want to give me a shot. I'm sure there are some other mumsnetters over this way too.

bluecow Thu 07-Aug-03 20:34:35

Me in East Sussex and love it - why not come this side of the county? However if it it has to be West Sussex Horsham is a lovely town. Sussex expensive (espesh West Sussex) but there are pockets where you can get good priced housing - but they're this side of the county!

MABS Thu 07-Aug-03 20:36:47

thanks all , i really ,really shouldn't be here at all but I'm having a glass of wine and 5 mins time out. After the move we'll be off line for a couple of days due to change of internet stuff. C u all soon when i'll add my Worthing comments - I grew up there.....but pleeeese not Littlehampton

Linnet Thu 07-Aug-03 23:42:23

I don't want to offend anyone here but My mother in law used to live in Littlehampton. We spent holidays there with her a few times and I have to say that in my opinion it was the most boring place on earth. I really don't want to offend anyone and I'm sure it's nice really but we hated every minute of being there visiting her.

We would go in July and it was always freezing cold and blowing a gale and there didn't seem to be much to do apart from go to the beach and freeze. in the few times that we went there, and I know it was only a few so I shouldn't really be slating it so badly, we only had two good days and one of them was the day we were leaving.

I'm not really a seaside kind of person so that didn't really go in my favour anyway. If you were retiring then I'd say go for it but sadly for me the memories are not nice.

Did have some nice day trips to surrounding towns/cities though which was nice.

anais Thu 07-Aug-03 23:50:43

Horsham is quite nice, stay *well* clear of Crawley.

mands1 Fri 08-Aug-03 00:49:45

Stay well clear of Littlehampton.

Just my opinion

MABS Wed 20-Aug-03 21:27:26

we've just moved to the Steyning, Upper Beeding area and we love it . Any progress with your possible move?

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