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Potty Pooing Problems

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Teletubby Tue 05-Aug-03 13:53:37

I've just started the dreaded potty training and she's doing really well except when it comes to wanting a poo! She seems to get really distressed and starts running around frantically almost as though she's scare. She rolls around the floor screaming 'poo poo, nappies' so i put a nappy on her but then she screams 'poo, poo, potty!'. Even when she has been in the potty (after hours of drama) she doesn't seem to be pleased with herself and is equally distressed by seeing it!! Any advice on what i should do please?

boyandgirl Tue 05-Aug-03 15:05:15

Try lining the potty with a nappy. Perhaps she wants her nappy but knows that she's expected to use the potty and is confused by that.

ratbag Tue 05-Aug-03 15:29:43

my eldest dd took a while to get used to doing poos in her potty - she didn't realise that the poo was something she produced, she used to point and say 'stones'!! It worried her that these 'stones' could appear in her potty when she was sat on it! In the end we got her a trainer seat for the big toilet and she was happier with that. When I potty trained dd2 I didn't use a potty at all - just went straight in with the trainer seat. Needless to say they're both fully trained now - just as well since they're 11 and 13 lol!

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