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Working at home with Baby - I can survive.....can't I? !!!!

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StressyHead Tue 05-Aug-03 11:41:55

message withdrawn

Bumblelion Tue 05-Aug-03 11:49:38

I know how you feel. I have worked at home one day a week since my middle child was born (he is now 6) and I now work three days in the office, increasing from two days last year when husband left.

That one day at home I would not change for the world, I like being around the children, being there to take them and collect them from school but I do get stressed especially when youngest child (20 months) decides she doesn't want to play on the other computer with all the games loaded, she wants to play on my one with direct access into the office server! Great. It is amazing how much work I can get done (my full day's quota!!!) when she is having her morning nap (about 2.5 hours).

Girly Tue 05-Aug-03 12:53:58

I too am thinking of working from home, is it really a nightmare? I need to do something before my brains turn totally to scrambled eggs!

Katherine Tue 05-Aug-03 13:15:55

I was finishing off a PhD when I had DS - from home. And it was hard going trying to think and type with a baby on my knee. But I was glad to be with him and when I discovered I was expecting DD when he was only 10 months old, DH and I hachted a plan for an internet business that I could run from home. I started the business when DD was a few months old and although it was hard work when they were both little (stopping and starting every few minutes) things improved as they got older. Now at 3.5 and almost 5 they play brilliantly together and I am really happy with my work. I find it a privaledge that I can spend so much time with them even though sometimes I do feel a bit guilty for ignoring them. DS has started school now and I really miss having him around - so does DD but they are both very independent and can easily amuse themselves. I alternate between feeling guilty that I'm neglecting them and chuffed that I get to spend more time with them. I do try to set aside some time each day to give them my full attention and we go to toddler and music groups a couple of times a week.

The hardest bit is organising my office space. Our house has 2 decent bedrooms and a boxroom. Originally we had the box room as my office, very neat and tidy, but the kids were always in there with me and it was silly so we swapped over. Now the larger room os the playroom/ office with all their toys and they sleep in the boxroom. It works really well although my desk is always a bomb site and I'm forever wading through toys to get to things. but at least we are all happy. I think the key is finding what works for you and if you are struggling then change something. I don't make a forutne but if you add on what I'd have had to pay for childcare then its pretty good really - and such good perks!

Expecting no. 3 any day - simply couldn't have considered it with a conventional job!

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