Naming Ceremonies

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bluestar Tue 05-Aug-03 09:34:06

My ds has been invited to a naming ceremony and I have no idea what to buy the two children - one girl and one boy. I do not know the children or the parents as the children just go to the same nursery. Any ideas?

Tetley Tue 05-Aug-03 09:38:32

We've had a naming ceromony (instead of a christening) for both of our kids and people have tended to bring a small toy or book, or some clothes, or sometimes (and this is of course most appreciated!) a bottle of something nice for us!!

I think that as you're not related - and in fact don't even know them, then nothing too much will be expected. We've certainly not expected the more traditional christening gifts from anyone.

miranda2 Tue 05-Aug-03 09:40:00

How about something with their name on it? Personalised mugs, etc. I wouldn't have thought it was appropriate to spend much if you don't even know them - maybe those animal/clown letters to spell their names, or those letter trains you can get? Or if they are oldish nursery age, personalised coloured pencils/pencil case etc?

badjelly Tue 05-Aug-03 09:45:57

How about a little photo album each so their parents can fill them with their favorite photo's. Or a little memory box each, again the parents can fill this with little momento's. Argos do pretty necklaces and things for girl's that are quite cheap (gold dolphin pendant is £5), maybe a watch for the boy?

Sorry better at girlie things that boys stuff!

fisil Tue 05-Aug-03 09:56:31

We were really taken aback to get gifts for our ds's naming ceremony at all, and didn't mind about those that brought nothing.

The best one was a couple of baby box hedges - a really lovely idea that they would grow with him (and quite cheap too). We did kill them but ...

Friends with similar sized babies all gave toys, and they were great too, because they knew which toys he would like the best.

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