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Rebi Mon 04-Aug-03 12:55:02

My dh is going in for a vasectomy on Thursday. He has never had a medical procedure of any sort before and is understandably nervous. I am also nervous about it and I suppose feeling a little bit guilty for putting him through it (I know I had to endure childbirth and 15 years of contraceptive pill... but!).

I don't know anyone whose dh has been through it (he has colleagues in work who typically just make crude jokes about it!) Could someone please please tell me the reality. How painful is it? What is the recovery time? Will he feel like sex again this year?!

I am seriously considering telling him not to go ahead - We definitely definitely don't want any more kids and have been waiting 6 months for this. Any advise gratefully received!

MrsS Mon 04-Aug-03 13:10:54

A close friends husband had one recently. He said it was fine and actually felt embarassed afterwards about how much he had been dreading it beforehand.

His advice was to really rest for a couple of days afterwards to heal properly.

I'm going to send my DH in a couple of months and he is fine about it.

I heard recently there is a new type of vasectoimy available next year which is even less painful and is easier to receover from. Apparently they just use a clip on the tubes instead of cutting them

metired Mon 04-Aug-03 14:01:11

after 4 children my DH agreed to go for the snip but chickened out at the last moment when I told him that he wasn't going to have an abdominal incision, I ask you how stupid are men, needless to say I had a coil fitted!!

Tortington Tue 05-Aug-03 12:04:15

my hubby went through this, cant remember how long after sex was - but knowing my dh it wasnt that long.

there is a lot of bruising - but dont tell him that. yes it is painful but the way i look at it - i had doctors pocking and looking up my bits for years, the indignity of having half a dozen people at least when your giving birth etc. they go in hospital for half a day - and 2-3 weeks later life is sweet!

dont you dare tell him not to go through with it think of all the things you have put up with having children - half the responsability is his - and you have done it for 15 years - its definatley his turn!

Holly02 Wed 06-Aug-03 01:33:14

Rebi my dh had it done over a year ago, and the procedure was quite straightforward for him. He had a local anaesthetic, a bit of soreness afterwards but nothing major, and he was fine after about a week.

Our problem is that even after a year, he still does not have the "all clear" - in other words, there are still a few sperm present. Which leaves me STILL taking the pill, because of the small chance (however tiny it may be) that another pregnancy may occur.

DH has to go back very soon for another test, to see if there are still any sperm present - and would you believe that the b@!*dy doctor said that dh may have to have the procedure done again if he still can't give him the "all clear". I am not at all happy about this, I must say the doctor's attitude has been very average throughout this whole thing - and he is a urologist at a private hospital who supposedly specialises in vasectomies. All I can say is they'd better not expect us to pay for the next one!

zebra Wed 06-Aug-03 06:18:55

Friend told me it takes 36 ejaculations before the man gets the all clear (on average). Don't know about you guys, but my sex life just ain't that busy. Not that I know what DH gets up to in private moments... but I think I'd be in same situation as you, Holly02, only for a lot longer.

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