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Another oven cleaning questions (sad I know)!

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Demented Fri 01-Aug-03 21:59:33

Didn't want to hijack the other thread but last night I was cleaning my cooker and opened the ovens hoping to get away with just wiping them out but alas it now seems to need cleaned.

My question was, the ovens have stay clean panels on the sides and I think the back so it is just the bottom and the door of each oven that need cleaned, is it safe enough to use oven cleaner on these areas? I'm worried about any oven cleaner getting on the stay clean panels (don't ask me why I just seem to think this would damage them).

My other question was about the wire shelves in ovens, is it my imagination (probably) or have I seen some bag things that you put the shelves in and they come out clean (I assume you have to leave them in the bags for so long). Maybe I was just dreaming but if such a thing does exist, has anyone tried it? Does it work? What was it called?

Greatly interested in any replies, thanks!

No I've not been on the wine tonight, maybe just need more sleep.

misdee Fri 01-Aug-03 22:03:14

oven pride for the bag. (i watch the bill too much)

Demented Fri 01-Aug-03 22:08:52

Wow, that was quick Misdee, I really thought I had been imagining the bag, will look for them now, thank you!

Mummysurfer Fri 01-Aug-03 22:28:03

oven pride?????????/
enlighten us plaese

misdee Fri 01-Aug-03 22:30:35

never used it myself. i just know that oven pride sponser the bill

Rags Fri 01-Aug-03 22:33:57

misdee, oven pride for the bag... do you have to be a bag or can any one use it

misdee Fri 01-Aug-03 22:40:42

nah its for the mil

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