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breeze Fri 01-Aug-03 17:43:00

On Wednesday cleaned the oven out using above product. last night we had take-away and tonight I have put the dinner in the oven and it is smelling fully, Does this normally happen after you have cleaned the oven? (First time cleaner). The oven door was left open since to let the smell vent. Sure I shouldn't eat the food, but just wanted to check before I threw it away.

whymummy Fri 01-Aug-03 17:50:53

hi breeze,it happens to me all the time,we`ve still eaten the food HTH

hmb Fri 01-Aug-03 17:53:10

I've done it, makes your eyes water a bit. I'm still OK

aloha Fri 01-Aug-03 19:09:46

Ah, you see, this is the sort of terrible thing that happens when you clean the oven. Much safer not to

breeze Fri 01-Aug-03 19:13:54

Decided to go for it, too one mouthful and threw the rest away and went up the chippy.

What gets rid of the horrible smell?

janh Fri 01-Aug-03 19:27:24

Get the ovenu man in - you don't feel a thing (except in the wallet) and the oven doesn't smell!

Mummysurfer Fri 01-Aug-03 19:33:19

ovenu man is MAGIC

hmb Fri 01-Aug-03 19:36:14

Aloha, I have learned from the error of my ways and repented . I now get the man form Oven Clean to come round every 4-6 months. He does a *wonderful* job, far better than I ever did

Davros Fri 01-Aug-03 23:44:54

How can I contact the Ovenu man?

Mummysurfer Sat 02-Aug-03 07:25:03

ovenu have a web site and lsit all the ovenu folk
Sorry can't help you with the address .. do a google search I'm sure he'll be there

Janstar Sat 02-Aug-03 09:42:33

After I have cleaned the oven I rinse it really well and then heat up the oven as hot as it will go for a few minutes to burn off any remaining chemicals from the cleaner.

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 09:45:17


They are not everywhere though - my ovenu bloke had to come 20-25 miles and charged me £10 for travel.
You send them an email and then someone cotacts you.

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 09:46:19

Oh, they have phone no's too!

Angiel Sat 02-Aug-03 13:01:13

Just wondered, how much does it cost to have your oven cleaned?

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 13:11:24

angie, mine was £30 for single oven, plus £10 for hob, but wish I hadn't bothered with the hob - the rings round the burners were quite dull and he said they would come up like new but I think he thought they were chrome - they're actually aluminum and they went nearly black! (Coming back to dull now with a bit of scouring.)

He was here 3 hours - good value I think.

Davros Sat 02-Aug-03 18:18:07

This is fantastic, you should send this to Tip of The Day. I am waiting to hear from Ovenu and Ovenclean...

Wills Sat 02-Aug-03 19:36:26

Ovenu wanted 75.00 for my single (standalone) oven. This is a little steep for me at the moment so dh lovingly did the awful task this morning. Anyone else experience such a high price?

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 20:23:08

Wills, they more or less take the oven to pieces and then put all the pieces in a tank of chemicals in the back of the van. I think a standalone oven probably has a lot more bits, plus all the outside too - they do leave the whole thing squeaky clean - my shelves were literally like new.

£75 does sound a lot though! Have you tried ovenclean as well?

Wills Sat 02-Aug-03 20:26:21

No - dh stepped in at this point . Its certainly good enough - not spotless but he worked for a couple of hours and I wouldn't dare now call someone else in .

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 20:56:22

No, I wouldn't dare either. What a sweetheart! Now what are you going to do with the £75 that you've saved?

codswallop Sat 02-Aug-03 22:14:21

I had the ovenu man.

codswallop Sat 02-Aug-03 22:14:45

Mine was 54 quid in Wiltshire

Davros Sun 03-Aug-03 00:09:00

When you say you "had" the Ovenu man..... is that why the charge is so high? A modern version of the milkman!!!

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