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Children's hairdresser in north london

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scampadoodle Fri 01-Aug-03 15:03:10

I'm looking for a specialist kids' hairdresser in North London (I'm in N5). I can't take ds to a barber as he has long v curly hair which I want to keep for as long as possible, but it desperately needs a trim! I'd heard of a place called Minikins in Crouch End (?) but can't trace it. Help, please!! (have had to start using frizz serum!)

grommit Fri 01-Aug-03 15:09:45

Brent Cross shopping centre has a shop called "Trotters" which has a childrens hairdressers inshop

poppyloppy Fri 01-Aug-03 23:57:54

There is a children's hairdresser in Muswell Hill, up the road form Crouch End, and I thought it was called something like Minikins but cant find a reference to it anywhere. Will have a look if I am there tomorrow. But what about taking him to a general unisex salon (gosh that sounds very 70's!) as opposed to a barbers. I'm sure they will give his hair a good trim.

scampadoodle Mon 04-Aug-03 10:16:05

I would, but he hates having his hair faffed about with, so I needed somewhere VERY experienced with children. I've made an appointment at Trotters in Brent Cross & am now really nervous - my baby boy's first haircut! Thanks for all the info... poppyloppy: do let me know about Minikins as it's much nearer to me than Brent Cross.

lisac Mon 04-Aug-03 16:18:36

Minikins in Muswell Hill has closed but the Crouch End branch is still open and does kids' hairdressing. It almost opposite Holmes Place/the post office on Tottenham Lane.

ThomCat Mon 04-Aug-03 16:47:12

it might be a bit OTT, and it's not in North london, biut I'm taking Lottie to Harrods for her first haircut. They give you a certificate and stuff and I thought it would be a nice day out for the 2 of us??!! i'm a sucker for momentos so the certificate is v appealing!

boyandgirl Tue 05-Aug-03 09:25:50

Trotters in BX looks very nice. They have an enormous fish tank to distract the kids instead of a mirror. At the moment ds lets me trim his hair as long as I don't take longer than about 5 minutes, but that's where I'll take him if he loses all tolerance for trimming!

webmum Tue 05-Aug-03 13:41:25

I've taken dd to Trotters in BX twice as she woudl'nt let me near ehr with apair of scissors, but magic, she sat still for the ladies at Trotters!! A bit pricey at £10 but worth it IMO!!
The children love to look at the fish and they also ahve lots of books for them and a little treat (if mum agrees) after the trim

Queenie Tue 05-Aug-03 13:58:01

minikins is near the clock tower in crouch end - tel 0208 341 6898 - my sis takes her kids there.

sis Tue 05-Aug-03 14:17:28

Do you need to book for Trotters?

lisalisa Tue 05-Aug-03 14:24:55

Message withdrawn

poppyloppy Tue 05-Aug-03 14:59:42

Aah, THAT's why I couldnt find any reference to Minikins Muswell Hill anywhere!

MandyD Wed 13-Aug-03 23:16:47

Just to add to this thread, I live just by Crouch End and I think they're called Minikin (singular!) but you've got the phone number now anyway!

But my local hairdresser at the Finsbury Park end of Crouch Hill is brilliant with kids. The salon is called Hair Shack and the owner is called Mary. She keeps a box of toys for kids and really puts them at ease. Also, don't know how much Minikin charge (didn't even know they did hairdressing!) but she only charges £5 for kids!

webmum Thu 14-Aug-03 22:34:22


yes you do, even midweek most of the time

Davros Thu 14-Aug-03 22:36:28

I spotted Goldilocks on Muswell Hill Bdwy today. Too inattentive to notice if its (a) a haridressers or (b) for kids but sounds promising. SOrry for poor info.

princesspeahead Thu 14-Aug-03 22:56:51

trotters give you a certificate too, which they put a lock of hair on.
well you need to get something in return when you have forked out about £12 for a child's haircut!

sis Thu 02-Oct-03 14:47:20

webmum, I'm sorry but I missed your reply - so a very belated thank you. I am seriously considering taking ds there on sunday... very nervous as he screamed the place down the last time we went to a hairdresser - although it was over two years ago!

bokki Wed 06-Jun-07 13:23:18

hi i am looking for a hairdresser for my 20 month old Harvey, who is now being mistaken for a girl daily! he has yummy curls, but he does need his first haircut. we want somewhere kind and fun (& to keep a curl, sob!) we live in Beckenham, Kent but will travel in kent/london Thanks

HomeHairforyouandKiddies Wed 10-Oct-12 10:43:29

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Cee3008 Fri 12-Oct-12 10:41:42

There's a hairdresser in Igloo on upper st in Islington

misscola Fri 07-Dec-12 20:32:11

Really disappointed by the Hair salon at Minikin. We've been twice and both times were kept waiting 30 minutes after our appointment time. When I pointed this out to the hairdresser (who had clearly let a friend jump the queue in our place) she told me that she might not even be able to fit us in (in a passive aggressive kind of way) which really upset my 4 year old DD. We did get a haircut, but I left feeling really truly disappointed by the service and the nature of the staff. This is a children's hair salon after all. Expensive, unreliable, unprofessional and unapologetic. Don't bother.

Allon Wed 20-Feb-13 10:38:49

We have been very cautious in choosing the right hairdressers for our children, Leanor and Emmanuel. Living in Crouch End we have been going to MiniKins for the last six years and have been fortunate and ABSOLUTELY HAPPY with the hairdressers. I guess you have to accept that there will be a waiting time where any service is provided for children. I wouldn't want a rushed treatment for my child and also I respect that the hairdressers position can be very stressful so, when they are running a little late, there is no reason to write a bad review as this could effect our local independent stores that are trying to make our little place special. We are living in a fast, rushed and inpatient world, so I would like to say – please, do not stress and make judgements of our local service providers because you are 'kept waiting'. I have to take my daughter to the hospital every few months and with a 9am appointment we are normally seen, if we are lucky–by midday...

MiniKins – Friendly (fab with little ones), comfortable, well we have been going to MiniKins for not only haircuts but also shopping for gifts etc and they are a very friendly bunch and I am a huggy kindda girl - so hugs all around for me.

VERY HIGHLY recommended.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 20-Feb-13 10:48:18

This thread is 9years old!

Coffee47 Sat 11-May-13 09:52:31

we have a children's hair salon within our shop that is open thurs/fri/sat appointments are not necessary but one can book.

thank you
tel: 02077042228

leandro1973 Sun 09-Feb-14 21:18:15

New Childrens ONLY hair salon opening up in Enfield Town very soon.
Here you children can have their haircut whilst watching their favourite TV program or play on the XBOX and have lots of fun...

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