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Ask Miranda a theological question!

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miranda2 Thu 31-Jul-03 22:25:46

Since the other thread is getting long, I thought I'd start another in case anyone was still interested. (Am I mad??....) Won't be offended if no-one posts!!

cazzybabs Thu 31-Jul-03 22:35:28

UMMMM - just so you don't think no-one is interested ...shall spend all night thinking of a good question. Have really enjoyed the other thread

Tortington Thu 31-Jul-03 22:41:52

does each religeon think it is the only religeon and way to heaven ( or heavenly equivalent)?

whymummy Thu 31-Jul-03 22:43:23

i have one
if adam and eve only had 3 sons how did they procreate?insest?

janh Thu 31-Jul-03 22:48:36

and who with?

Oakmaiden Thu 31-Jul-03 22:49:23

Custardo - I know this is "ask Miranda a question", but if I can answer your question - No, the religion I follow believes that there are many spiritual paths through life, and that you should walk the path most appropriate to you. My way is not the only way, but it is the right way for me to go. You may prefer to take another route.

whymummy Thu 31-Jul-03 22:50:34

eve being the main suspect jahn

beetroot Thu 31-Jul-03 22:51:36

Message withdrawn

beetroot Thu 31-Jul-03 22:54:56

Message withdrawn

happyspider Thu 31-Jul-03 22:56:53

3 sons??? excuse me my ignorance....but I thought they only had 2 (Cain and Abel)

janh Thu 31-Jul-03 22:59:10

Ohh - thanks whymummy - bit slow tonight!

Did they only have 2? Was it Noah who had 3?

And how much weight does the OT carry these days?

beetroot Thu 31-Jul-03 23:00:57

Message withdrawn

whymummy Thu 31-Jul-03 23:03:42

see,i wasalways rubish at religion,sorry 2,still.......

beetroot Thu 31-Jul-03 23:14:11

Message withdrawn

Tortington Fri 01-Aug-03 01:13:30

isnt that just a story that people used as an illustration

do people actually believe adam and eve actually existed?

your religeon sounds good to me oakmaiden

whymummy Fri 01-Aug-03 07:52:18

i don`t custardo,that`s why i was asking,we all come from the monkey and my dh is prove of it

hmb Fri 01-Aug-03 07:55:40

Ah yes, Shem, Ham and Japhet. The biblical 'reason' given by some of the supporters of apartheit.

wobblymum Fri 01-Aug-03 09:02:22

Adam and Eve had 2 sons - Cain and Abel, but then after Cain killed Abel and had to leave, they had a few more kids - the next one was another son called Seth.

I really want to know the answer to the Adam and Eve q though! If it was incest, how can the bible be so against it later? And does that mean every relationship today is a tiny, weeny bit incestuous??

aloha Fri 01-Aug-03 10:06:21

Miranda, why if it so important for salvation for people to believe, why does God make it so difficult? After all, if he gave me a rational, questioning brain (even a two year old says 'why?' why does he set himself above question and provide no evidence of his existence?

And then we can get on to the suffering of the innocent in the world!

Rhubarb Fri 01-Aug-03 10:26:08

Not sure God does make it difficult really, it's just that we're all so caught up in our daily lives that we fail to see what is all around us. I know this sounds trite, but I see God in nature, in the miracles that are all around us, such as caterpillars turning into butterflies (not even man can do that still!), the way some plants and animals work together, the kindness of strangers, etc. Some people would call this the force of nature, I call it God.
If there was no God, why would any of us need to be good? Why does man struggle so much with good and evil? Where do they come from? Animals don't seem to have that struggle.

Also, if you find a quiet space for yourself, it's not hard to tap into God - or whatever you want to call him. But to be honest I think that even if he did as he used to in the OT and perform many signs and miracles in front of masses of people, we would still reject him. Man doesn't like to be governed, we like to think that we are the superior beings.

doormat Fri 01-Aug-03 10:33:04

Miranda I have a question for you.
Cain and Abel were adam and eves 2 eldest sons ok
When Cain killed Abel he was banished to another tribe

Where did that tribe come from?

Girly Fri 01-Aug-03 10:33:12

Oh thankyou aloha, you just summed it up for me, have been trying for ages to decide whether there is a God or not, and had decided that for me there was NOT, but what do i tell my children? My dh is totally uninterested in religion. I went to a church school and had 5 years pf relious education but am still unconvinced.

doormat Fri 01-Aug-03 11:05:25

I do not believe in religion. I was brought up a practising christian, who attended church and sunday school throughout most of my childhood. But as I grew older and seen and heard about all these wars that have fought in the name of religion, I decided it was not for me.I mean how can anyone harm another human being because they have a different belief.I thought religion was about peace. Religion is so hypocritical IMO.And the bible is so contradictory IMO.

I do believe that we should treat people how we would like to be treated and to be kind.I believe in reincarnation and that we are here until we learn from our past mistakes and reach perfection, then we go to a higher plane.I dont know the name of it but that is what I believe.

As for what to tell the children I have brought them up in the christian faith, if they are believers that is their choice.I dont knock anyone for their belief either.

wobblymum Fri 01-Aug-03 11:24:50

Don't want to get into too much detail but a Christian friend was trying to justify the Adam + Eve thing to me a few months back and they thought that the tribe Cain went to was either Nephalim (sp?) which are fallen angels or some more people who were created after Adam and Eve. If it was Nephalim, does that mean we're all half angel - seems a bit odd!! And if it was just more people, why doesn't the bible talk about them being created like it talks about Adam?

Just another thing for Miranda!!!

whymummy Fri 01-Aug-03 11:35:17

i`ve been asking that question for years and i have never heard of a reasonable answer,the first time i was 10 and asked the priest that used to come to our school to teach religion,he smaked me on the head and sent me out of the class,i guessed he didn`t know either,so miranda i`m relying on you

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