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Kandoo wipes warning!

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IlanaK Thu 01-Sep-05 13:02:21

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with the plumbers from Dyno Rod watching them pull out kandoo wipes from my toilet system using tweezers! We had a drainage problem and ended up having to call them in. They plumber told me that his business had never been so good since kandoo wipes were invented. Apparantly they take 5 weeks to break down and only the newest plumbing systems can cope with the "abuse" (his term). He also warned me about the parazone toilet wipes (we use these sometimes) and quilted toilet paper. And he said he was waiting with bated breathe since he saw those new adds for those things to wipe your toilet with that you then release the brush thing and flush away.

We now have put a ban on kandoo wipes going down the loo and will put a bin (with lockable lid) in the bathroom for their disposal instead.

And I will say, my son does not have unsupervised toilet time so this is not a result of him thorwing too many wipes down the toilet - we are the ones who do the wiping.

Anyway, I hope this saves someone else the lovely afternoon I had yesterday.

cod Thu 01-Sep-05 13:03:22

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Thu 01-Sep-05 13:04:42

Blimey !

We can't use wipes on DD as she has sensitive skin and I don't bother with the cleaning wipes either but I'm surprised at the quilted loo roll thing !

flamesparrow Thu 01-Sep-05 13:07:21

@ Unsupervised toilet time!

I dread to think what DD will be like when she is let loose on her own bum.

I was surprised about the quilted toilet paper too... The toilet cleaner things look a waste of money too - shove some gloves on and just clean it with toilet paper and cleaner!!!

QueenOfQuotes Thu 01-Sep-05 13:09:32

DS1 (nearly 5) has unsupervised toilet worry isn't him using too much toilet's using too little that worries me - on the times we've been in there with him he's been seen to take ONE sheet (of value paper!) to wipe his bum

Chandra Thu 01-Sep-05 13:12:32

I dream of the day when DS could have unsupervised toilet time , the day that I can forgt to remind him every step of the process (ie put your pants down, sit on the potty, don't stand up until you finish, etc...]

cod Thu 01-Sep-05 13:13:12

Message withdrawn

SherlockLGJ Thu 01-Sep-05 13:13:15


"Unsupervised toilet time"

You slack Alice

You will be leaving your child in bed whilst you nip nex tdoor to the school soon

SherlockLGJ Thu 01-Sep-05 13:13:49


cod Thu 01-Sep-05 13:14:23

Message withdrawn

QueenOfQuotes Thu 01-Sep-05 13:14:36

- no more of that I'm afraid - DS2 climbs out his cot now..........but then I will STILL be leaving him when I drop DS1 off while he's part times in the afternoon (and when he starts full time actually)

AS DH doesn't leave for work until 2pm

whimsy Thu 01-Sep-05 13:15:44

We have the Kandoo wipes and the toilet brush thing that you just flush away.

BLANKfloozypuddingandpie Thu 01-Sep-05 13:15:52

wOW! Glad I can't afford all this stuff, just cheapo supermarket's own loo roll for us!

SherlockLGJ Thu 01-Sep-05 13:18:14

DS had a poo this morning, and as I walked past the downstairs toilet, I caught him.............


Flushing the toilet AND using the toilet brush

Not bad for 4

BLANKfloozypuddingandpie Thu 01-Sep-05 13:19:24

A-maz-ing Sherlock - I'm impressed!

throckenholt Thu 01-Sep-05 13:19:30

coop have some that are cellulose based and claim to biodegrade more quickly (a few days) - was reading the packet in an idle moment yesterday .

Also waitrose do some flushable ones.

ssd Thu 01-Sep-05 13:19:34

Glad you told us of the kandoo wipes! I childmind and have just "caught" a kid putting about 4 wipes down the loo at once!

SherlockLGJ Thu 01-Sep-05 13:22:26


I think he picked it up from watching me nag DH, who used to think that all toilet bowls are self-cleaning.

It took 13 years of ritual humiliation, but 9/10 he is beautifully trained.

moondog Thu 01-Sep-05 13:25:26

Yet another example of big companies selling us stuff we don't need......
What's wrong with a good firm wipe with a handful of school issue Izal???

spacecadet Thu 01-Sep-05 13:27:08

ilanak, we had that prob couple of months ago, had to get out a firm outwho told us that our loo was blocked with wipes, now we have a bin for all these things.

happymerryberries Thu 01-Sep-05 13:28:50

Mmmm, Izal gives your arse that pine fresh feeling!

moondog Thu 01-Sep-05 13:36:51

spacecadet....Russian style eh? Used to really put me off there to see an (open) bin full of shit stained loo paper as they couldn't even risk putting this down!

spacecadet Thu 01-Sep-05 13:44:53

pmsl moondog, not for bum wipes, wipes that you clean the loo with, i dont buy kandoo cos im too tight!

spacecadet Thu 01-Sep-05 13:45:30

i have bad memories of izal at school, your wee used to just run off it!

Mud Thu 01-Sep-05 13:46:06

those dsiposable bog brushes disintegrate on contact though so can't see tehm making a plumber a milloinaire

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