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Northerner Thu 31-Jul-03 14:01:10

Hello all you mumsnetters out there! I'm looking for inspiration for a meaningful anniversary gift for dh. We've been married for 5 years next week and I want to get him something really special as things have been a bit tough lately (mainly me being a cow for no reason)but after lots of talking we've totally sorted things out. Money is a bit tight though - I've only got about £50 to spend. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Boe Thu 31-Jul-03 18:02:06

Night away on your own - travel lodge (or B&B or premier lodge cheap!), takeaway, sexy nightie and wild sex - would have nothing to keep afterwards but would sure be memorable - if only I had guts to do this!!

Chinchilla Thu 31-Jul-03 21:25:30

See this Maybe it will give you some ideas?

Bron Fri 01-Aug-03 10:23:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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