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runragged Wed 30-Jul-03 22:00:33

DH forgot to video 24 this week. Does anyone know what happened?

Caroline5 Wed 30-Jul-03 22:13:46

There is an episode guide here . I didn't think it was a very exciting episode!

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:15:55

If I could do links I would, but try this:-

Basically, Jack is a hero, Kim is thick, the one that everyone thought was a lesbian is sly and Mrs Palmer is not to be trusted!!

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:16:06

where do i start...ok this is what i can remember

last thing your saw on previous one was David palmers ex wife sherry (sp?)

Sherry is involved with guy who made false cyprus recordings somehow - she eventually admitted to Jack that she was involved in bomb threat as she wanted to topple david palmer from presidency but she never realised bomb was actually going to go off.
Guy who made recordings very nervy, and only (stupidly) trusts Sherry, who is actually only trying to make deal for herself.
Jack gets guy to agree to come to CTU and tell truth about recordings and demonstrate how he falsified them.
David Palmer is being kept under guard, but guard is nice and lets him use phone to speak to jack. Jack tells him he is 100% sure recordings are fake.
Horrid slimey guy who used to work for David Palmer but plotted against him finds out Palmer had phone - takes it off him and arrests nice guard.
Tony & Michelle are trying to arrange helicopter for Jack & guy who made recordings to bring them into CTU.
Shapiro at CTU won't let Tony & Michelle do any more to help Jack. Nasty woman at CTU (Micheles emnemy) tells Shapiro Tony & Michele are helping jack on quiet. Shapiro tells tony he has been un-assigned and should go home.
Tony & Michelle drug Shapiro so they can catty on helping Jack. (And then it all gets very silly because..)
Kim goes back with police escort to house where she was originally with small girl. Remember the husband killed his wife and hid her in trunk of car. And then kim & boyfriend killed him outside hospital. or they thought they had. Kim goes back to collect her stuff. Policeman says he'll wait outside (oh, yeah right) and then dead man comes back into house (obviously not dead!).
Runs after Kim. She eventually knocks him out and phones CTU who patch her through to Jack. Jack tells her to take his gun and shoot him, which she does. Twice.

and I think that was it.
It was all ok till the Kim bit. That was all a bit far fetched. She really is not a very lucky person !!!

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:16:57

ok Caroline, show the world that I'm a bit slow on the techno front

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:17:11

Can't believe i wrote all that out while you were just posting links !! How thick am I !!!!

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:19:31

kayleigh, you're a 24 fan too??

runragged Wed 30-Jul-03 22:20:38

kayleigh, thank you SO much! I didn't know about links either. Was really worried that I might have missed something vital as one 2 to go. I just love it!

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:21:48

the bbc 24 website is very good, well worth a look. Does anyone think that there willbe another mole? Or is that too predictable? And is Sherry dead?

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:26:35

oh runragged, forgot to tell you at the end computer chip guy stabs sherry and makes a run for it. Ooops sorry !

Lillibet - i LOVE it. Must say the first one was loads better but i'm still hooked on this one. I think Kim in this series is a total waste of space though. I just love Kiefer Sutherland - think he is an absolute hunk.

runragged Wed 30-Jul-03 22:26:57

kayliegh, have read the website but much prefered your version

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:30:03

why thank you kind lady. it must have been my great spelling !! I can't be bothered to check when it's a really long post - could you tell

marthamoo Wed 30-Jul-03 22:32:23

Mrs Palmer and Bodyguard had just arrived at Computer Geek's (who Jack believes faked the Cyprus recording) apartment. As ever, when Jack doesn't know what's going on he gets his big gun out and starts waving it at people. Mrs P does her usual guff of "I'm only trying to help David..." but Jack doesn't believe her (smart guy). Jack hears rustling in a wardrobe, waves gun around some more, and Computer Geek comes out and says "Yes, it was me what did it, it's a fair cop guv." He says he will go to CTU and 'fess up.

Jack rings Tony Almeida who has to chloroform Chappelle as he has just "re-assigned" Tony (to clean the toilets with a toothbrush, I think) so that he can send a helicopter to pick up Jack, Computer Geek, and Mrs P.

Meanwhile, President Palmer is under house arrest and Jim from "Neighbours" has staged a big coup and is now President. Palmer convinces Secret service man to get him a phone and rings Jack Bauer to find out what is going on: he says "do not trust my wife." Duh...obviously. Jack Bauer says he has the evidence and is going to help President P whup Jim from "Neighbours" a**e. Horrible little man who is President P's right hand man (til he went over to the Dark Side) comes in and says "oh tut tut you are not supposed to have a phone..naughty boy!"

In the extremely annoying Drippy Daughter sub-plot (how I wish she was still in the bunker with that nutter) she predictably, goes back to the mad wife murderer's house (even though he is still at large) because it is really vital she pick up her hairdryer (she really did!) at 4am. Mad wife murderer killed the cop who had accompanied her and chased her round the house a bit so she hid in the loft and fell through the ceiling and concussed him (I kid ye not!) Then she had to ring Daddy and say "oh God what do I do, crazy employer is concussed on the floor..and he has a gun!" so Daddy said "get the gun and shoot him" so she did.

Daddy is too busy to go and shoot him himself, as he is still waiting for the blinkin' helicopter. Everyone is trying to cut a deal with everyone else - computer geek has info which implicates Mrs. P so she is trying to get him to take the fall for everything. He is telling Jack that he will only testify if he is guaranteed immunity, but he realises that Mrs P is playing him so, while Jack is distracted on the phone telling Drippy Daughter to shoot Mad Wifekiller, Computer Geek stabs Mrs P and escapes through a hole in the wall.

And that's how it ends...Mrs P, bleeding on the floor, saying to Jack "help me, help me" and he goes no way, have to get Computer Geek cos only he has the proof that the recording was a fake and we shouldn't embark on World War 3.

As you can probably tell, this week's episode surpassed itself for stretching the bounds of credible drama. I imagine the script-writers sitting round going "oh God, what can we come up with now..we're only up to 16 hours..."
I'm only still watching because I have invested 22 hours (minus ad breaks!) in this pile of far fetched poo. And because I've fancied Kiefer Sutherland since "Young Guns"!

It's taken me so long to do this that probably ten people have posted and told you the plot far more succinctly!

lou33 Wed 30-Jul-03 22:32:59

I love 24, will be really sad when it ends. Can't believe I didn't watch the first series.

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:33:28

yes, I love it apart from Kim, I did have Lynn down for a bad 'un, shame on me!
At least last time what Kim and the cardiganed stick insect were doing was a bit involved with the plot, but this time its sheer padding. But oh Keifer!! Tony not bad either!!

lou33 Wed 30-Jul-03 22:34:01

Is anyone watching on BBC3?

marthamoo Wed 30-Jul-03 22:34:25

So you can do links to plot synopses? Who knew?

marthamoo Wed 30-Jul-03 22:35:16

So you can do links to plot synopses? Who knew?

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:35:20

(SCREAMS) Jim from Neighbours !!!!! Thank You, thank you. I knew I knew him from somewhere !!!!!!!!!!

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:35:46

Marthamoomoo, you forgot to add that Jack is getting Kate to go and get Kim, two drippy blondes with a gun, thats all we need!!

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:38:05

marthamoo - not me & you obviously

kayleigh Wed 30-Jul-03 22:43:07

oh, and do you think maybe there's the teeniest possibillity of Jack & Kate getting together. Talk about obvious.

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:45:17

yes, that could be part of the reason why I don't like her, she is better than his wife tho'. Remeber the scene in series one where she thought that she had driven her car off a cliff complete with daughter?

runragged Wed 30-Jul-03 22:45:24

marthamoo thank you as well, I definately don't need to beg a video off strangers in the street. Has anyone heard how Lynne is?

Your version also far surpassed the bbc write up. Thanks everyone off to bed now.

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 22:46:39

sorry martha, just realised i gave you an extra moo

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