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Smell of rotten meat - how to get rid otf it - any advice?

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mears Wed 30-Jul-03 18:08:18

About 4 weeks ago, ds cut the grass and accidentally switched the freezer off in the garage when he unplugged lawn mower. Only discovered this 2 days ago when trying to track down a terrible smell in the garage (thought we might find missing rabbit!). Anyway, it was coming from the defrosted freezer. There was 9lbs of mince, pork, chicken and other bits and pieces in it. It smelled absolutely disgusting. Dh cleaned it out with domestos and used a steam cleaner. The door has been left open but it is still rank What can we use to freshen it up or will we just have to get rid of it. Any ideas?

lucy123 Wed 30-Jul-03 18:13:12

have you tried washing it down with a solution of bicarbonate of soda (you may have to wash it, leave it and wash it again a few times)?

Or I guess you could try some kind of fridge de-odouriser thing...

codswallop Wed 30-Jul-03 19:00:20

AhA I am turning in to mrs. Household tip
here it is!

Boe Wed 30-Jul-03 19:02:56

Fantastic site Codswallop - also there is something on there about using a powder puff dipped in bicarb as a deoderant - can't remember who asked about alu free ones but I reckon this is!!

codswallop Wed 30-Jul-03 19:05:20

someone else here alerted me to that site - did you see the link U did a couple of weeks ago? on that site theres an allusion to Monica Lewinskys dress stain!

doormat Wed 30-Jul-03 19:07:46

This happened to me last year.Wash it down with bi carb and also rub lemons all over. It will eventually go away.Also leave a tub of bi carb in freezer and close door.

jasper Thu 31-Jul-03 00:09:58

If your teenage son is willingly cutting the grass I think you could get a good price for him on ebay and trade him in for a new fridge/freezer.

mears Thu 31-Jul-03 00:47:16

Thanks for the tips and for the site codswallop. I knew mumsnetters would come up with something. I will buy some vinegar tomorrow and clean it again with bicarb solution. I'll let you know if it works. Took a lot of persuasion to get ds to cut the grass in the first place - maybe this was a cunning plan. Would have to pay a lot of compensation to a lot of people if we let him loose

codswallop Thu 31-Jul-03 21:44:57

I couldnt work out why my larder smelt of dried cat food - it was the fish sauce bottle... yuk

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