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stickyj Fri 27-Aug-10 22:27:26

OK mums this could be really important.

DS 11 has been looking at a blog site SHANE DAWSON.

He's going to bed now but has been muttering about a website that I saw him looking at. I thought he was wecamming his cousin but in fact it's a website called OMEGLE.

I just logged on, without a webcam and actually thought he was joking. He has a webcam set up to talk to his friends and cousins. NOOO..he can talk to random strangers on line and chooose to see them/they can see him or apparently they disconnect if they see he is a child1!!!

wtf is going on!!!

I logged on and a random stranger talked to me. I was asked how old I was and was I a male? To be fair, it might have been a decent guy at this time of night looking to "speak" to a lady but it freaked me out.

Can I ask you all to try this webiste out (without webcam or with if you're brave)to see how scary this is and how easy it is for our kids to access. I am usually in bed around 9pm and smallest one is nearly 12. He often is awake after me. His dad quite often crashes to sleep and we thought we had the policing stuff sorted. His brother s a compter geek and even he didn't know about this site.

BertieBotts Fri 27-Aug-10 23:28:18

It's called Omeagle, BTW. HTH.

Yes, there is stuff online that children shouldn't be looking at. FWIW I was going on the yahoo over 18 chat rooms (don't exist any more) at the age of 14 with my friends on sleepovers, we had dodgy guys on webcams, we just laughed - there was no way in hell we'd have given our real names, locations or met up with any of these freaks. To be fair I don't think that we put ourselves on webcam, but still.

But having said that, he's 12! Unless you have really strict net protection, and you obviously don't if you can put anything into google and find dodgy stuff, surely he should be in a family room, not a bedroom, unsupervised, when he looks at the internet?

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 27-Aug-10 23:29:26

Message withdrawn

Housemum Fri 27-Aug-10 23:31:49


"WTF"? "Scared me shitless"? using "ur" for you're"? Sorry, but for someone just a few years older than me you don't sound like you're nearly 50 - am I barking up the wrong tree or do I hear a bit of trip-trapping on a Friday night here?

MadwoMen Fri 27-Aug-10 23:32:08

Why are you so insistent that we go on this website hmm You've warned us, thank you, we'll make sure we're cautious in future.
Now....time to move along I think

stickyj Fri 27-Aug-10 23:35:42

He is in the study. He has a DS 17 on the next desk to him, his Dad is literally right next to him. They're all playing what I call "bang bang " games or his Dad is working. He has to go upstairs at 9pm on school nights(he's 12 in Oct) and then he can read etc. BUT on holiday nights often I will go to bed and tell DH he neeeds to go to bed at about 10ish..if DH is concentrating on work he won't even think of the time. At 4.30am this morning DH was working on a project and TBH wouldn't have even recognised the time. DS4 went to bed at 10.30pm because I heard him.

Housemum Fri 27-Aug-10 23:36:33

OK I hold my hands up and apologise - just searched and seen lots of posts by you. My mistake, but I have had so many scaremongering "warnings" via FB recently that have been made up.

stickyj Fri 27-Aug-10 23:39:02

Shine and others..I will block it, just wanted everyone to know and not feel like a complete numpty and a total idiot about this. It's nopt a harmless site and I feel sick that my DS was on it.

cheesesarnie Fri 27-Aug-10 23:39:16

no but thats what im saying!it doesnt matter how long youve been on mn(i couldnt care less!).no one called you a troll.

stickyj Fri 27-Aug-10 23:40:19

Thank you Housemum. I have beenon MN since infinty and this scared me. I don't get scared

stickyj Fri 27-Aug-10 23:47:49

It depends on which forums TripleP is on, to me I have kinda lost sight of the people I knew and it has all moved on. You can look at people such as Rose, Maud's Mile, Pink Peter, and you'll see how old I am. My children are all nearly teens and I still come onto MN because of the AIBU.

KickArseQueen Fri 27-Aug-10 23:52:57

I've been around for over a year and I don't recognise TripleP's name confused It doesn't mean much to not recognise one persons name hmm

Thanks for the warning.

cheesesarnie Fri 27-Aug-10 23:56:50

no idea who triplep is eithergrin!

SingItBack Sat 28-Aug-10 00:08:17

TripleP is Trinity

differentnameforthis Sat 28-Aug-10 00:13:53

If it scared you that shitless, perhaps you will monitor your son better on the internet! He is 11, still a child. You still need to protect him!

Either he can get around your internet protection, or it isn't strong enough.

STOP playing games on a website that 'scares you shitless' (no, I won't go on it to see how bad it is, tbh I don't follow links to that kind of thing) and DO something!

cheesesarnie Sat 28-Aug-10 00:15:48

i have never once heard trinity refered to as triplep.i am a slacker

stickyj Sat 28-Aug-10 00:24:47

I am not fucking playing games, I thought it would be interesting to see how much I could talk about as if i was a teen. My ds 17 has come home and now sorted out the safety levels on the computer. MN is not allowed apperenty! He has had to put the password in.
I just wanted the world to know that I didn't know about this site and I have four teens. I am not a crap mum and am not a troll.

I hope you all are really aware of what your kids are watching/talking about. My sister's kids are on FB, she thinks that DD is a little unruly because of her having teenage strops and running away. Her DD's are on FB swearig etc all the time but she doesn't police them and doesn't know what they're saying.

KickArseQueen Sat 28-Aug-10 00:25:09

Me either, Trinity, maybe you should be TriplePTrinity for a couple of weeks so us slackers catch on grin

SingItBack Sat 28-Aug-10 00:25:48

yes CS, you are. Get with the programme missus

stickyj Sat 28-Aug-10 00:26:10

Oh BTW, nearly 12 is not a child, unless you treat him like one and he is your PFB.

SingItBack Sat 28-Aug-10 00:28:00

stickyj chillax, no one said you were a crap mum

stickyj Sat 28-Aug-10 00:28:14


I would not have liked
to have upset you, I had no idea you had other names!!

Apologies if you had to read this. blush

cheesesarnie Sat 28-Aug-10 00:28:18

damn it.i thought i was getting good.i go get a life and look what happens!i miss important things!never mind ds2 is starting primary school next week so i'll be able to study mn more!

differentnameforthis Sat 28-Aug-10 00:29:52

Pretending to be a child to 'catch someone out' is a game. Stop it.

Block it.
Watch your child on the internet from now on.

stickyj Sat 28-Aug-10 00:31:55

Just asked DS 17 to block anything slightly rude. He asked for any example and honest to god, I just thought "Friday, it's bum sex day"blush

He didn't even ask why, just blocked it and went to bed.

My 17ds now thinks I'm weird blush

stickyj Sat 28-Aug-10 00:33:07


How old are your kids and do you watch them every minute?

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