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Wrong end of the month?

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Kia Fri 03-Aug-01 18:54:51

My Mum always used to talk about her 'visitor', it was ages before I caught on that it was her period! It occurred to me that there must be tons of other names for it out there, rather like the thread on 'minnie and twinkle'?! The other thing is what helps you cope best? Who is on what for PMT or is it PMS or something else? Howling at the moon works for me!! I remember my friend convinced she was bleeding to death when it first happened to her, because her Mum hadn't mentioned it because she thought she was too young. Needless to say, exceptional daughter of mine, is quite calm about it and is 'pretty cool' when asked if there was anything she wanted to discuss!Nothing to do with my genes of course, as most of you know, I'm a full blown drama queen!!

Emsiewill Sun 05-Aug-01 21:11:45

My eldest is 4 and she knows that some times mummy has blood coming out of her bottom (sorry if that sounds a bit graphic, but that's how it seems to her). She's not in the least bit phased by it, despite her reaction to blood in other places (I cut my finger with a knife, she wanted to phone her dad & tell him to come home straight away). I think it's great she is aware of this so young, as it won't come as a big shock to her, and it won't seem like something that should be a "secret" & "not to be talked about", which is how it was when I was a child. I haven't really explained why it happens, just said something like "it's because ladies have babies" (yes, I know it's vague, but it kept her happy!).

Emmagee Mon 06-Aug-01 18:42:19

On all of these sorts of subjects I feel that frankness is the best policy. Having recently had my second baby and having a fairly 'generous episiotomy' (midwife's words) i told my 2.5 year old that I could't sit down/lift her up/smile/stop crying! because the doctor had to cut my bottom to get Rafferty out when he got stuck. Every now and then she asks me very lovingly if it still hurts.

My Mum always talked/still talks about 'the curse' as she suffers very badly with it, but I have always hated the phrase as it sounds SO awful and something to dread. Also sounded like something to be embarassed about.

I quite like the laddish 'having the painters in', it always raises a smile, but I can't imagine I would never say it myself.

Kia Mon 06-Aug-01 19:15:08

Ah yes! The Curse! I forgot that one! And the 'got the decorators in' is one I'd rather forget! My Mum always used to greet her 'visitor' with relief as it meant she wasn't pregnant! That was before my youngest brother was born and she was sterilised. I can remember her and another woman on the ward being ostracised by others on their 1st or 2nd baby because they thought it was disgraceful! Mum had 4 and the other woman had 5 children in 5 years of marriage! I cant wait for mine to stop, I feel I've done my bit for the continuation of the species, thanks!

Lisav Tue 07-Aug-01 09:36:58

Talking of which I'm getting a bit worried that mine hasn't started yet! I've been taking the Mini Pill and have had 2 periods at fairly regular intervals since I started, but now they've stopped. There are no other signs that I am pregnant and I did a pregnancy test about a month ago which showed up negative, but I still can't help worrying - has anyone else had this with the Mini Pill?

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