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FAO: Oliveoil

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Rhubarb Thu 24-Jul-03 16:50:45

Hi Oliveoil - I got your email today and tried to reply, but it got sent back by the postmaster! Could you send me your email address again please? Mine is

oliveoil Fri 25-Jul-03 10:10:19

Hmmmmmm, not sure why its not working, will email you again.

Won't be able to play on mumsnet today as work have piled it on me, grrrrrrr, anyone would think I was paid to be here .

and its raining.............

oliveoil Mon 28-Jul-03 12:58:08

Have just sent you an email, sorry, work was v busy on Friday so had to work like a demon as I still wanted to finish at 4pm, pah. AND the eye candy at work has left, who will I lust after now? No more seductive flutterings of eyelashes and wearing of (too) tight jeans for me....

Rhubarb Mon 28-Jul-03 14:41:31

Eye candy in Oldham? Surely not!
I've sent you an email through my other email address, I don't think it liked my other email addy, sounds too much like junk mail I think.

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