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Going out for an Indian meal, what shall I have?

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mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 15:01:26

Hi, long time since I have been out for a meal, can anyone suggest a good meal to have?

doormat Wed 23-Jul-03 15:17:22

anything on the menu yummy

iota Wed 23-Jul-03 15:21:33

Curries are my favourite. As doormat says Anything on the menu - or in our case more like Everything on the menu!
We always order loads of dishes, starters, poppadoms etc and then bust a gut (literally) trying to eat it all.
DH is out tonight going for a curry with workmates - I feel so deprived

mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 15:25:49

Problem is the place we are going to serves up very, very large portions, never been able to finish one when we have been before, so would like to know of any dishes you have tried that are really mm..mouth watering..mmm

doormat Wed 23-Jul-03 15:31:38

mothernature you are torturing me, as iota says everything on the menu. the larger the portions the better.Curries, bhajis,poppadums and that yummy mango chutney, naan, you name it I will eat it.
Are you trying to get me jealous coz if you are it has worked. I know where dh is taking me this weekend instead of the pub.Thanx

iota Wed 23-Jul-03 15:34:52

Perhaps I'll get myself a takeaway for one for tonight

3GirlsMum Wed 23-Jul-03 15:36:21

How spicey do you like it?

Rhubarb Wed 23-Jul-03 15:38:31

How about an English

mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 15:38:39

Iota -Doormat, sorry if I'm making the juices flow.. what shall I drink with the meal, should I have the house beer...better still how many should I have......

iota Wed 23-Jul-03 15:40:15

Rhubarb - go wash your mouth out with some curry sauce at once

mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 15:41:29

Hi 3Girlsmum, very spicey, the last one I had was a persian speciality, made my mouth feel really strange, it left me with the taste of palma violets but my tongue was watering like mad.

quackers Wed 23-Jul-03 15:42:02

Mothernature, if you're going our for an indian try chicken biriyani. It is lovely!!!Lots of lovely pilau with veg and chicken and then a spicy vegatable curry on the top - it's gorg!
I craved curry today, went out and got chicken madras and extra chilli - hotter the better!

doormat Wed 23-Jul-03 15:44:07

ROFL Rhubarb
mothernature juicing flowing, they are positivly pouring and now you have to go on about drink.Is this a wind up?LOL

iota Wed 23-Jul-03 15:44:28

Personally I prefer beer or water to drink with a curry. It's a waste of good wine.(Lassi is also nice if the restaurant do it)
Dishes I like:
Chicken tikka masala - of course
Rogan Josh
Tandoori chicken
and many more

Lots of restaurants do a Thali if you can't make your mind up - gives you a taste of lots of dishes

marthamoo Wed 23-Jul-03 15:45:46

Sorry I read this as trying to lose 6lbs on stupid eat two bowls of cereal a day diet. Hungry now

Mmmm...I like chicken tikka biryani. Also korma. And I like all the *bits* - bhajis, samosas, poppadoms, chutneys, naan bread.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'd much prefer a bowl of Special K.....

mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 15:52:32

Marthamoo - I too like all the bit's think i might do 'a share' with hubby and No1 son I'll get them to order differently then I can taste theirs aswell...mmm thought about doing that diet thingy with the breakfast cereal, only got to thinking though, good luck with yours hope you manage to lose what you want too.

doormat Wed 23-Jul-03 15:56:10

marmathoo my mil swears by that cereal diet, hope it works for you

hmb Wed 23-Jul-03 16:04:21

If you can't decide why not have a Thali (sp??) you get lots of little dishes of lots of different bits. I'm not a Vegie, but I go for a vegitarian thali every time. It has the advantage of not making me feel as bloated as quickly, so I can eat more!

hmb Wed 23-Jul-03 16:04:35

If you can't decide why not have a Thali (sp??) you get lots of little dishes of lots of different bits. I'm not a Vegie, but I go for a vegitarian thali every time. It has the advantage of not making me feel as bloated as quickly, so I can eat more!

mothernature Wed 23-Jul-03 16:33:22

Now I have decided I will share three different tastes and will drink the beer, what shall I wear...not that I have a lot to choose from lol looking at the weather its starting to rain, so will it be pants or dress.....we have decided we will walk so we can all have a drink..

Boe Wed 23-Jul-03 16:54:16

Garlic Butter Chicken is lovely but we always smell of Garlic in our house (even 3 yr old constantly whiffs) so steer clear if you don't want to whiff.

Chicken Shashlick is lovely too bit dry but I always steal sauce from DP.

Saddo English through and trough it seems as I also love Chicken Tikka Masala!!!

The spinach thing with the cheese in it too!!

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