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Life after Big Brother and Survivor

(11 Posts)
Mel Thu 02-Aug-01 20:26:58

Anyone else out there suffering withdrawral symptoms now that the 2 voyeristic programmes have finished? What are you watching now? Did you want Brian to win? And how realistic was that last Survivor show - not!!

Emmagee Thu 02-Aug-01 22:29:01

I am just happy to be able to go to bed earlier! With a toddler and newborn it was getting silly! Going to bed just as the smallest woke for his next feed! Of course, now I can sit and look at Mumsnet at 11.30 pm instead!!!!!

Gumsy Fri 03-Aug-01 20:35:46

so glad there's some trivia available here! what WAS going on with the survivor final - it was so odd - was it live or not - did they already know? i spent many weeks looking at the clock thinking i should go to bed but how can i when i need to know if helen can pogo for 15 seconds. scary stuff!!

Alexsmum Fri 03-Aug-01 22:11:46

Didn't watch Survivor but I loved Big Brother.I wanted Helen to win..she's so sweet and thick! Elizabeth was awful..what did everyone think of her 'boyfriend?' Anyway, I saw brian on Oxford Street today , talking on his mobile phone flanked by two body guards.He wasn't as tall as I thought he was..quite short in fact with a definite mince in his walk. I've just read this back and it so makes me sound like a bimbo.I'm not really honestly!!!

Bexi Sat 04-Aug-01 15:18:14

I quite liked Elizabeth (I liked all of the last few people) but her boyfriend was definitely creepy looking. I can't believe he sold those photos of her - I don't think I'd have just laughed like she did.

Emski Sat 04-Aug-01 20:58:45

I did watch Big Brother, but now it's finished I can't say I'm missing it. Yes I was glad Brian won, I think he deserved it as much as anyone (if anyone CAN deserve 70 grand for living with strangers for 10 weeks!). I also liked Dean, but Helen really got on my nerves, I didn't find her dizzy ways at all endearing!. Mind you, the famous blinking quote did make me laugh!!.

Emsiewill Sun 05-Aug-01 20:59:20

I too am glad that I don't have to stay up late every night (although I did discover mumsnet while BB was on, so maybe this will become my addiction...)
Is this the place where I can ask what has happened between Helen & Paul? Or does that show me up for the sad person I really am? Was anyone else moved when he gave her those Gucci shoes & bag - tears in my eyes, I kid you not!
Living in Wales, we've had a lot of Helen & Charlotte coverage, in fact, Helen went to school here in Newport (the excitement), & according to some reports her hairdressers is here, although when I looked it up on the Yell website (now you have no respect for me at all....!), it seems to be in Cwmbran (next town). My family (from up North) were all *so* pleased to here that my children are going to grow up talking like Helen (& even at 4 & 2 have started with the accent).
Must go now I have completely destroyed what little credibility I may have had.

Mel Mon 06-Aug-01 19:53:44

Elizabeth's 'boyfriend' was amazingly creepy looking, wasn't he? I'm sorry, but the girl obviously needs glasses, or to get a life!
Emski, I think that anyone who is brave (fool?) enough to go on national TV, live with complete strangers for 10 weeks and still come out relatively sane at the end of it, bloody well deserves 70 grand. I'm not too sure wether I could have gone to the extent of eating rats for a million though. Which does bring me to the next thing I've been pondering ( yes, SEVERE voyeristic withdrawal symptoms!!!!) what would you do for a million? How far would you be prepared to go, publically, to get your hands on the cash?

Dorisday Mon 06-Aug-01 21:37:50

The withdrawal symptoms were harsh for me too! mumsnet is a godsend -so is (corny american psychometric testing)and old school pals and what they are up to now.
emsiewill -how exciting to live so near to helen -i initially thought she was annoying -but grew to adore her! (especially watching her and brian on e4 in the house while they waited 4 the results) the amount of times she checked her hair etc was amazing to watch. did anyone else have the same buzz? with a 3 yr old and 4 month old this was the best night out /in i'd had in months!

Patsy Fri 17-Aug-01 23:11:40

Does anyone know what has happened to Helen and Paul since they have left the House? I just need to know (sad but true!)

Adelaide Sat 18-Aug-01 18:52:27

Patsy, you're just going to have to start buying Heat Magazine I'm afraid. It's my premier addiction (even before Mumsnet), and started so innocently on a quick visit to Tescos. All the gossip you've ever wanted to know about BB, Survivor and everyone else is there, but not as cringemakingly sycophantic as Hello/OK. Helen and Paul are, apparently, finding it very hard to get together because of their busy schedules - he seems keener than her.

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