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ok, im standing in 2 inches of! (manly plumbing type question)

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nightowl Mon 22-Aug-05 01:47:45

you know that big floaty red ball in the cistern..(sorry not sure what its called), how easy would it be for this to unscrew itself? or would it need a "helping hand" maybe from someone's child (lots of kids in my house today). my toilet, porch and kitchen floor may well be wrecked!!! btw ive fixed it but its a good thing i didnt go straight to bed..very curious!

northerndad Mon 22-Aug-05 01:51:20

well it could come loose, I have seen one do it, make sure its tight, there should be a lock nut on it. get mopping.

nightowl Mon 22-Aug-05 01:54:31

lock nut? (words fly straight over head). it just screws onto the red stick, theres no nut thing there, never has been. red stick is very thin...ok, i know im being dumb..whats it called by the way?

Chandra Mon 22-Aug-05 01:57:11

Sometimes the ball gets old ans starts to get water in, then as it couldn't float you end up with water all over the place. But if the ball is OK and you found it unscrewed... well, I believe you have somebody mischieving at your house today.

BadgerBadger Mon 22-Aug-05 02:05:56


If it all seems tight and at the right level not, it should be okay but if there are any signs of wear, better to get it checked out.

Overnight, I'd tie it up if I were you, just to prevent any further accidents, if it does try to leak.

BadgerBadger Mon 22-Aug-05 02:07:26

meant ....right level now* !

Try flushing it with the cistern lid off, check that the ballcock rises with the water, and that it stops the flow of water when the cistern is full?

BadgerBadger Mon 22-Aug-05 02:15:08


'ballcock' - is that why you posed it as a 'manly' question?

nightowl Mon 22-Aug-05 02:23:26

ballcock lol!! no its fine, the toilet isnt that old. ive screwed it back and on tested it...i cant see any way it could have unscrewed "wear and tear" or any problem that i can see. just wondered, one lad who has been here, his dad is a plumber...wouldnt take much for him to show him a good "party trick". ok, im a suspicious person!!

BadgerBadger Mon 22-Aug-05 02:26:40

If there's no problem now then yup, I'd be suspicious too!

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