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Those of you with dd's

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Hattie05 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:02:43

What do you do when they start showing concern for their appearance - in particular hairy legs!!

My dd is only 2 but already has very hairy legs, a result of having a dark greek dad, and a dark haired mum .
I can't help thinking to the future, and wondering what i should do when she first becomes aware and wants to remove it?

I remember being in first year of primary school and sooo self conscious of my hairy legs (which none of my friends seemed to have.) Too embarrassed to speak to my mum, i stole my dads razor and shaved my legs and arms. Couldn't keep this up as he'd notice razors going missing, so then spent a good few years being extremely self concious and miserable about it.

Now, i most certainly don't want my little girl feel like she has to change anything about herself to 'fit in'. And i don't want her to grow up too quickly etc etc. Wouldn't want to bring up the subject for fear that she doesn't care about it until i mention it.
But i also don't want her to suffer miserably in silence like i did.

And goodness, at what age is it appropriate to start shaving or using hair removal??

Help? I know i've got a few years yet but has anyone got any views/advice?

toomanypushchairs Sun 21-Aug-05 22:08:13

my dd is 10 and unfortunately gets her dark hairy legs from me. (why didn't she take after her hardly hairy father?)She started to be bothered by them last year, and then in the winter was moaning about the hairs poking through her thin tights. I just said , 'we'll see how they are in the summer' hoping that we would get away with it for another year until she goes to secondary school. Unfortunately we didnt get that far, as at easter she shaved them with my razor! I discovered this when trying to help her do up her long boots! I explained that she should have asked me and it would be far better to use hair removal cream, which she now does every 3 weeks. sorry such a long post..... I do remember being really bothered when I went to secondary school, but can't remember before that.

dinny Sun 21-Aug-05 22:08:51

my dd (3) has got hairy legs and a hairy spine. I think it's very cute (but I'm not v hairy so not self-conscious about it)

think you should try (hard I know!) to not worry about it. you don't even know she'll want to remove it! she may love it. and if she doesn't, waxing when she's older will be just fine!

jampots Sun 21-Aug-05 22:09:02

my friend's dd is 8 and has recently used Veet because of teasing from other girls in the class At 8 its probably too young so cannot offer advice for 2 yo.

Hattie05 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:14:31

Toomanypushchairs, so at least she spoke to you about it! Thats what i hope as although i was close to my mum, some things just were not spoken about iykwim.

Dinny if she's not worried about it then thats great! What i am worried about is her secretly being as miserable about it as i was and not telling me. Thats what i mean by i'm not going to broach the subject in case it is of no concern whatsoever to her.

But i was 7 or 8 when i shaved them. If dd askes me aged 7 if she can start waxing/shaving her legs i'd be tempted to say no because i don't thing girls that age should be so concerned for their appearance, but of course, my experience tells me it probably is a good idea if it means not being so miserable!

Just was interested to hear what others have done in this situation.

Hattie05 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:16:32

Don't worry jampots i won't use veet on my 2 yr old . But doesn't it seem a shame that an 8 yr old is doing that?

Caligula Sun 21-Aug-05 22:19:18

I've got a long way to go (I hope) before I get to it, but what about when sitting down watching TV or a video where the subject comes up naturally (don't ask me how!) or with her magazine (teenage mags are full of this stuff) and broaching it then?

But then I think how much I hate teenage mags ("position of the month", forsooth) and how awful it would be if she bought that filth into my house in the first place.... so maybe that wouldn't be my solution... will watch this thread with interest!

Hattie05 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:23:24

Caligula thats my exact dilemma!! i've got a long way to go now! just something i've thought about lately.

I'd rather point out the false ladies on tv and teach her she doesn't need to changer herself at all. But i know how i felt ....

BadgerBadger Mon 22-Aug-05 01:11:26

I'll point mine towards my younger sister, as a role model.

She doesn't shave at all, it doesn't detract from her beauty or confidence one bit (as of course, it shoudn't). We both have dark, course hair.

I do think it's a tough one, but maybe if there's someone around who they can relate to, who can help them gain the confidence to feel comfortable with themselves it will help?

(Also known as passing the buck )

Hattie05 Mon 22-Aug-05 16:52:54

LOL i like it Badger.

So will her dad do as a role model? Darling, look how beautiful your Father is and he goes au naturel!!

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