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how do i get rid of the smell of puke out of my carpet?

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juice Sun 21-Aug-05 10:46:54

dd was sick on carpet a couple of nights ago. i cleaned it with diluted bleach and the smell seemed to have gone, but i am getting it again, and it makes me want to gag, yukk.
can anyone help me please.

popsycal Sun 21-Aug-05 10:47:45

make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water...spread it on, let it dry
hoover it up
da daaaa

misdee Sun 21-Aug-05 10:47:49

srpinking bicard on it, leave for a while, then hoover up.

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:47:49

bicarb, juice - make a paste with water, rub it in then hoove out when it's dry - magic. (You can get it at the supermarket if you havent't got any in).

popsycal Sun 21-Aug-05 10:48:14

great minsd....

suzywong Sun 21-Aug-05 10:48:37


(just wanted to join in and be useful)

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:49:56

Time for someone to post with Febreze now...

Hello, sooz! Is it a nice evening?

juice Sun 21-Aug-05 10:50:00

thank you all so much. off to do it now. cheers ladies

suzywong Sun 21-Aug-05 10:51:56

hello jan
yes it is, the tail end of winter, clear and sunny and I'm in a tee shirt with all the doors and windows open.

Wish I'd known about bicarb when ds1 was jackson pollocking the carpet with SMA every night

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:54:47


So it is - how strange - that must take a bit of getting used to - June/July/August being winter?

Clear and sunny here too, Lancs summer just like Oz winter!

NannyL Sun 21-Aug-05 11:08:33

my charge was once VERY sick all over the carpet... it smelt gross...

they went and bought a steam cleaner for about £100 and it REALLY worked!

and gave all the acrapets a good clean to while they were at it

we were all amzed!

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