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Anyone getting strange emails re a Business Opportunity?

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rickman Sun 21-Aug-05 09:47:18

Message withdrawn

mummyjojo2D Sun 21-Aug-05 09:53:47

you will get bombarded with rubbish if you reply. If you are curious and want to find out what its all about I suggest startibg another E-mail address then you can just leave it if its a scam. Its probably something like a pyramid scheme or MLM where you refer people. If it is i wouldnt touch it with a barge pole.

rickman Sun 21-Aug-05 09:59:52

Message withdrawn

LilacLotus Sun 21-Aug-05 10:01:40

if you reply to them or do unsubscribe you prove to them that your e-mail address is active.

georginars Sun 21-Aug-05 10:07:53

Either they buy your email address in a big list from people who collect them from various sources and sell them on, or they use software which spews out all possible combinations of names etc with domain names - they then rely on people replying or 'unsubscribing' to confirm the addresses exist. You could tell this when I had a work email as for lots of them you'd see quite a few addresses in the 'to' field. This is also why you get such random senders - they use software to create loads of different names.
I get loads of these to one of my email addresses - very annoying.

ghosty Sun 21-Aug-05 10:11:56

mummyjojo2D ... nothing wrong with MLM if it is a good company ... everything wrong with pyramid schemes as they are illegal.

It sounds like one of those internet biz opps things ... could be a scam, may not be.

I get them all the time ... I just ignore them and hit delete immediately ... never click the unsubscribe button as that will tell them you are an active email and you won't hear the end of it.
I think I get them as I subscribe to an MLM e-magazine and so they probably manage to get my address from that. You may have subscribed to some webpage or online shopping site or something and that is how they found you.
I find them mildly irritating but not a major worry.
These unsolicited emails are not at all well regarded in decent MLM companies .... In fact I seem to remember that there is something in the DSA (Direct Selling Association) rules about unsolicited prospecting.

Leogaela Sun 21-Aug-05 18:36:50

I get several a week. My email address is quite new so i've no idea how they got it. I just click delete without replying or opening the mail. With Yahoo email you can set up a spam thing that gets rid of them automatically.

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