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Kiddie Crayons ... How many can they eat before they die?

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Twiglett Sun 21-Aug-05 09:33:43


Gobbledigook Sun 21-Aug-05 09:35:37

I don't know but I know they can eat as much foam as they can manage and come to no harm!

Ds3 has been biting chunks out of my sit up 'machine' thing and the handle on his mini trampoline and I've been finding it undigested in his nappies!!!

Whizzz Sun 21-Aug-05 09:36:46

Nice - bet you get multi-coloured rainbow poo !


I'm sure they can't be harmful though.

basketcase Sun 21-Aug-05 09:37:02


NannyL Sun 21-Aug-05 09:49:41

i would imagine that 'nice' crayons from ELC etc would be fine... not sure id trust cheepie / freebie crayons....

saying that ive never even heard of a child get ill through eating crayons so they cant be too bad!

WideWebWitch Sun 21-Aug-05 09:53:38

I don't reckon they'd ever eat enough to die because they'd realise they taste disgusting waaaay before that!

Whizzz Sun 21-Aug-05 09:54:51

You could colour co-ordinate their poo to match their clothes, that way it wouldn't matter so much if the nappy leaked !

Hmmmm... a Tip of the Day I think

Chandra Sun 21-Aug-05 10:57:28

Do the surface melt with the heat of the body? Are they made using edible pigments? especially as the products are not made for human consumption? do they carry a warning on its box? (Something like CRAYONS CAN KILL!!!) If they don't I think that slight snacking on crayons can't bring more than a colourful tummy upset.

Twiglett Mon 22-Aug-05 08:06:05

so if she ate a red one and a flourescent yellow one and a blue one why was her poo black? that doesn't seem fair

feel I should try again with better colours

Chandra yes the blue one melted .. is that good??

katzguk Mon 22-Aug-05 08:12:02

according to my mum i used to love tucking into a box of crayones!! blue ones were my favourite apparently!!

and i used to have lovely coloured poo!!!

mumtosomeone Mon 22-Aug-05 08:29:18

Dont think its a good way to commit suicide!!!

mumtosomeone Mon 22-Aug-05 08:29:35

although it would be a colourful end!!!!

Chandra Mon 22-Aug-05 13:07:37

Twigglet, it depends, if you are trying to increase the absorption rate by the digestive system having a more liquid form will definitively improve your chances

Chandra Mon 22-Aug-05 13:07:57

Twigglet, it depends, if you are trying to increase the absorption rate by the digestive system having a more liquid form will definitively increase your chances

cod Mon 22-Aug-05 13:09:46

Message withdrawn

suedonim Mon 22-Aug-05 14:09:58

Not quite the same but our dog has eaten loads of wax crayons over the years and next day, it's always the rainbow-coloured poo scenario! At Xmas time, we have the sparkly poo scenario, to cheer us all up. And btw, she's never been ill on her strange diet, which has included soap and throat pastilles.

marthamoo Mon 22-Aug-05 14:27:55

Can't you just give her turkey twizzlers like a normal Mum?

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