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Can we have a roll call of who has changed name to whom?

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Pruni Sun 21-Aug-05 09:05:49

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 21-Aug-05 10:06:14

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Sun 21-Aug-05 10:06:44

I remain resolutely inferior.

Twiglett Sun 21-Aug-05 10:10:46

and I am still marmitey

Pruni Sun 21-Aug-05 10:10:49

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 21-Aug-05 10:11:37

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 21-Aug-05 10:12:06

And I've always been a witch

cod Sun 21-Aug-05 10:19:32

Message withdrawn

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 10:21:03

I'm thinking of changing my name to Rodders. What do you think?

Gobbledigook Sun 21-Aug-05 10:22:20

Pretty much always been Gobby

Yorkiegirl Sun 21-Aug-05 10:38:02

Message withdrawn

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:39:56

Are hyphenlover and hymenlover both Malory Towers then? And who was she before?

Whizzz Sun 21-Aug-05 10:40:27

I'm still running around

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:40:31

And mascara? Who was she?

Details please cod.

turquoise Sun 21-Aug-05 10:50:47

Mascara was the Village Idiot (I think).
Who was Malory Towers before and who is Edna something please.

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:53:02

Enidfromthevillage (or whatever) is just Enid, turq - a woman of her acquaintance introduced her to someone as "my village friend" the other day - great hilarity all round!

Yes, TVI, of course - thanks

suzywong Sun 21-Aug-05 10:54:41

this is my name

ghosty Sun 21-Aug-05 10:56:12

Still ghosty ...
but while I have been off mumsnet for the last few weeks there is a newbie with a name very close to mine ... should I change? I don't mind and welcome said newbie with open arms but wouldn't want there to be any confusion ...

suzywong Sun 21-Aug-05 10:58:21

you should wait for newbie to go to the top corridor loos alone and then bog-wash her til she changes her name

Janh Sun 21-Aug-05 10:58:30

Oh, ghost? I have noticed her recently - I know she's not you when I see her name, I would wait and see if confusion does arise - you are ghosty!

turq, have just spotted ednaferber, did you mean her, not villageenid?

spacecadet Sun 21-Aug-05 10:59:27

im still spaced out

ghosty Sun 21-Aug-05 10:59:35

suzy ... have missed you

suzywong Sun 21-Aug-05 11:00:07


ghosty Sun 21-Aug-05 11:01:20

yeah ... I am ghosty
I am ghosty ... [think I am Spartacus]

turquoise Sun 21-Aug-05 11:02:33

Janh - yes. Maybe she's just new but I thought she was a namechange.

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