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own up, who has wet themselves?

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Hattie05 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:10:49

a follow on from hmb's thread.

After having dd i wasn't so good on the control front . Several occasions a cough or a giggle would cause an accident.

The worst was when dp was changing our newborns nappy on the floor and projectile pooed all over the carpet and dp, his face gave me such the giggles that i wet myself all over the carpet. Dp couldn't believe his eyes!

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:11:50

I had a go on my friend's dd's trampoline - and discovered my pelvic floor is not as it should be...

emmatom Sat 20-Aug-05 23:11:59

I have to get the tenalady's on before I go on the kids trampoline1

Pixiefish Sat 20-Aug-05 23:12:45

I had really bad leaks when I was pg and had to use the tena pads- any cough or sneeze would cause a leak.

Hattie05 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:12:46


joash Sat 20-Aug-05 23:12:51

is it really necessary to ask me that question - surely you must all know the answer by now

Hattie05 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:15:01

I do remember being in a clothes shop and i coughed and did a tiny wee. I just stood there staring at the clothes i was looking at dying absolutely dying. Of course it was so tiny there were no wet patches on the clothes but i didn't know that at the time!

emmatom Sat 20-Aug-05 23:19:07

Just to add to my admission (and god knows why I feel the urge to do so), the first time I used the tenalady on the trampoline, to explain away the large amount of padding to my young daughter, I off-handedly said, 'oh, it's just my nappy'

Of course now the converstion goes something like, 'Come on the trampoline mum, have you got your nappy on'. Thank the lord I don't see much of my neighbours.

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:20:52

Lol! Why do we mothers have the urge to get on a trampoline anyway?? The urge to wee is obviously greater than the urge to bounce...

Hattie05 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:22:44

oh that is funny emma.

I have been on the injection since dd was born, have recently come off and so she has witnessed her first sanitary towel being put in my knickers. I just stopped myself from explaining it was my nappy when she gave me a questioning look, for fear of her coming out and announcing that mummy has just put her nappy on!
Which is what she does about poo, even when i havn't done one

hellsbells4 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:26:51

ooooooh god yes!!!! More times than I can remember!!! I'm not far off 50 and all my life I've had hugely embarrassing accidents! Would love to try trampolining but wouldn't dare - in fact there are loads of situations I avoid cos I'm worried about my weak bladder!

pesha Sat 20-Aug-05 23:37:17

Yeah my nearly 5yo old daughter has asked me a couple of times about tampons, id be happy to tell her if it werent for the fact that i know she'd tell everyone - grand parents, neighbours, shop assistants, anyone who just slightly glances in her direction!!

After ds's birth she announced to the whole of tescos that "this is my baby brother, he came out my mummys mini"

I hadnt even told her she'd just seen a snippet of one of those programmes on sky that show births and it had obviously made a big impression on her. Still there are worse things she could have said...

steffee Sat 20-Aug-05 23:38:09

I have a trampoline and didn't even realise it made you wet yourself! I'm pretty adamant about pelvic floor exercises though, as one of my midwives made it sound so disgusting "if you cough, laugh, sneeze..." and I was in stitches laughing at her. My mum has admitted having never done pelvic floor exercises and I can't help but thinking of her wetting herself.

So no, I've never wet myself but lol at you lot on the trampoline.

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:39:11

But, that is not the story we are waiting for...

pesha Sat 20-Aug-05 23:41:13

And yes i have when pg or soon after from laughing too much or sneezing but only a tiny bit. Went on a trampoline at a friends house the other day and all was fine!!

trefusis Sat 20-Aug-05 23:43:01

Message withdrawn

emmatom Sat 20-Aug-05 23:43:02

Argh Pesha, If you've passed the trampoline test, you've got nothing to worry about my friend. You must be almost honeymoon fresh!!!!!!!

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:43:05

Oh stop bragging!!

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:45:13

LMAO trefusis!!! So so funny. Infact, may just need to pop upstairs urgently...

pesha Sat 20-Aug-05 23:46:26

Actually watched that film with tom hanks where he buys a house thats falling apart and he steps on a rug and falls through the floor ending up trapped with just his head and hands poking through the hole. Had seen the film before but hormones made me overreact to everything and i did literally PMSL at it and again everytime i thought about it over the next few days.

Hattie05 Sat 20-Aug-05 23:47:13

LOl trefusis, i was really chuckling away until you get to the end and sound so smug! .

I havn't been on a trampoline, and definitely won't go on one now after hearing all these stories!!

myturn Sat 20-Aug-05 23:53:47

Lol!! Am never going to read serious posts from you lot ever again without remembering this thread!

pesha Sun 21-Aug-05 00:04:05

Sorry trefusis just missed the s off your name on my serious fingers thread. Have had couple glasses of wine and was trying very hard to write seriuos well written post but brain is bit mush really. Brain is always bit mush actually since having babies but even worse atm. Sorry, really do appreciate advice

trefusis Sun 21-Aug-05 00:06:58

Message withdrawn

peeeesha Sun 21-Aug-05 00:17:37


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