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Rascals Model Agency

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tinkerbellchelle Sat 20-Aug-05 14:09:17

Hi, Im new to mum's net and have been looking at some of the threads about baby modelling. We have had replies from elisabeth smith and scallywags all interested in our son when he is 3 months ( 2 at the moment ) but rascals are interested in meeting us now.
I would like to know if someone else has any experience of rascals... what the interview entails, if there are any charges and if they found work for your child etc.
I understand a lot of people have opinions on baby modelling and this I respect. I was a child model and enjoyed every minute but Im not going to make my son do anything he doesn't want and if at anytime he doesn't enjoy it or is unhappy then I would stop.

Any info would be much appreciated thank you x

maddyd Sat 20-Aug-05 14:11:44

My DD was a child model too and lived every ninet of it, especially spending the money she has erned. I went to Sylvia Youngs in London and there was no charges for anything. They took some comission on her jobs thats all. I dont know of rascels but maybe it would be best phoning and asking firstso your time is not wasted.

tinkerbellchelle Sat 20-Aug-05 14:28:09

Yeah, it was my partner who booked the interview with them and they said that they dont charge to see you etc and will go through every last detail with us at the interview. However they did say they want us to come away and think about things before signing up as they dont want us to rush into. I have seen on some of the threads them mentioned as being a good company but just wondering what interview etc entails xxxxx

I might try calling them monday tho and just seein if I can get some more info etc before we travel there x

tinkerbellchelle Tue 23-Aug-05 17:22:28

sorry just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has any experience or who is withr rascals model agency x

Izzabella Tue 30-Aug-05 10:21:55

Hi there, my daughter has just been called in by Rascals also, there is a £25 fee in the beginning when they first see them and if they are accepted then the costs go up and up. From the paper work that i have received their costs are one of the highest i know of. They charge you for the photos they take and use of your children and i believe that it is a 25% commission of all earnings. Saying that a friend of mine has both her children with them and she has never had any trouble and her children are called for auditions all the time and have received some very good work which includes Films, TV adverts and soaps along with catalogue work. My daughter has also been requested by Childs Play so if anybody knows whether they are a reputable company and or have had dealings with them i woudl be grateful to hear about them.

dtb Sun 05-Apr-09 20:07:32

my daughter has just signed up with costs 160 pounds for her website and you need 60 professional photos done.they seem very genuine.she gets her photos done next week.i will keep u updated on how she gets on

allthoseeggsaremine Mon 06-Apr-09 00:06:42

My dd was with Rascals for quite a few years. She did get alot of work and we were relatively happy there. The people in the office can be rather abrupt at times, but it is just their way, i think! Also be ready to just have a few hours notice for jobs!!!
We moved in the end to get more varied work, acting aswell as modelling. But i would still recommend Rascals.

dtb Mon 06-Apr-09 10:30:25

thanks for that.i have heard they are a good agency,but u still have your doubts as it is a lot of money to dd is really looking forward to it ,its been hard to get her an agency as we live in the west country.

allthoseeggsaremine Mon 06-Apr-09 12:20:55

Just be aware that sometimes they are quite abrupt on the phone! Some people can find this abit rude but they were so good with my dd, regarding work, that i kind of over looked it!!!

Always make sure your health certificates are up to date, as i have been caught out on that recently!!

dtb Sun 12-Apr-09 23:42:09

my dd had her photos done.she had a lovely day .hopefully will get lots of work soon.they are a great agency,maake you feel really welcome.if you are thinking of joining them i recomend you do.wi.ll let you know how long it is before her first job

destinyJesus Thu 10-Sep-09 17:49:35

Hi, i am new to mum's net . I was looking for more info on Rascals when i stumbled on this. I registered via net with the agency and i received an email of acknowledgement and blah blah call them for an interview, i just found that a bit too quick to respond(shocked) as i have already registered with other agencies and they are yet to respond.....I just want to be sure am not in for suprises when i call them and go for the interview.........someone help!!!!!!!! are they realiable?

VIX05 Tue 15-Sep-09 16:40:13

Hi Like you am new to Mumsnet, but my DS has been with Scallywags from when he was 6months old ( 3 yrs next month )and they charged nothing for the interview or photos you had a picture session when you went for the interview and then they used the pics for the web pages so all you paid was £175 for the year , and they charged 35% job fee as such, but they charge more per session£60 per hr and min of 2 hrs. I found them good to begin with compared to some of the other people who we met at sessions not always very organised.
But there prices have doubled for signing on now and from what one photographer said that now the dear old office of fair trading has regulated this trade there is a very small margine in profit now. Just found it an intersting fact as alot of agencies are using pictures from libraries. One agency that came across as good was TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS and I am going to be looking at them soon...... hope this helps

daisydoos007 Wed 08-Sep-10 18:37:30

my son was on rascals books for a year and they were absolutely rubbish. they told us on numerous occasions that my son had been chosen for a job only to find out he hadnt at all. they gave us wrong addresses, wrong times, and were very unprofessional and a real nightmare. they said he had been chosen for a job and that we needed to apply for our licence by by 5pm, they sent us the wrong licencing council office and we had rushed in a taxi for nothing, costing us time and money. we were mucked around constantly and as a result he never got one job! we went with a much better agency and he is now getting work. i wouldnt reccomend rascals to anyone.

4Fellas Sun 08-May-11 20:55:09

Never paid to join Rascals but they kept my childrens' details on their books from a few years ago. Got a call out of the blue and attended 1 casting & 1 recall at VERY short notice..(one day for the casting) our choice.. Hassled about applying for licence even before we knew about a recall. Not interested that a bank holiday & royal wedding had taken place and I had a life. But when I told them my children couldn't do the date given for filming due to an exam (again at very short notice) they slammed the phone down on me. Yeah, like I really needed to go to London twice after school at my own expense because I had nothing better to do. ****** to Rascals.

Kalayarasy Mon 18-Apr-16 22:46:41

Hi, Im new to mum’s net and have been looking at some of the threads about baby modelling. My DD is 3 years now. I would like to apply Rascals but finding difficult in applying. Pls provide me rascals email id or link to their website. Thanks in advance.

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