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Does anybody use Open Office instead of WORD....

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lemonice Sat 20-Aug-05 11:14:43

and will it read and write genuine excel documents other words can i avoid forking out for Word(alternatively will my word 97 work with XP?

tamum Sat 20-Aug-05 11:23:55

I think Word 97 should work with XP, but don't quote me. I used to have OpenOffice but ditched it because I found their version of Powerpoint so hard to use. I don't think I ever tried the Excel bit. I gues you could download it and try, since it's free?

moozoboozobillynomates Sat 20-Aug-05 11:37:08

I use the excel thing and its ok. And its great cos it's free!!!!!!!

lemonice Sat 20-Aug-05 11:38:39

Thanks I don't use powerpoint in fact I'm only using excel to either receive documents like price lists or AQA, I don't even use word much but can't run a business without it!
But I've looked at Ability Office and that includes a Photoshop look alike suite/application so I might try is about 50.00 I think...

steffee Sat 20-Aug-05 12:41:38

I used openoffice before I bought this laptop with office xp, and I thought it was great! A little old fashioned but the spreadsheet bit is fab.

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