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our seamonkeys died...

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fionagib Fri 19-Aug-05 19:19:01

...does anyone know where I can buy a pack of eggs, rather than forking out for the whole tank & water aerator caboodle? Thanks!

swiperfox Fri 19-Aug-05 19:25:30

I think you can get them in toyshops can't you? I've thought about getting them for dd.

What exactly are sea monkeys?

Charlee Fri 19-Aug-05 19:28:02


Charlee Fri 19-Aug-05 19:28:38

my foster sister has Triops apprently form the dinosaur ages there pinkinsh and get alot bigger than sea monkeys.

foxinsocks Fri 19-Aug-05 19:31:10

I've seen a whole load of these in Woolworths (small packs that could be just the eggs and the whole caboodle with tank)

beep Fri 19-Aug-05 19:41:47

you can get them at hawkins bazaar

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