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Children's shoes - does anyone know of a charity that accepts them?

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Carla Fri 19-Aug-05 09:45:25

They're one of the things I find hardest to give away, but since we can barely get in the front door now I know I'm going to have to.

Does anyone know of anywhere that accepts them? I'm pretty sure Oxfam don't - they may be incorrectly fitted on the recipient child etc. etc.


foxinsocks Fri 19-Aug-05 09:46:15

most town centres (around here anyway) have shoe recycling bins (I think they get distributed to charities). Maybe your council will know if you have one somewhere.

fqueenzebra Fri 19-Aug-05 09:48:45

Smaller charity shops often take them, I'd look for a shoe bank, they go to 3rd world. Who was collecting sandals for Iraq, recently? Under the Wanted topic. I sent her loads....

robinia Fri 19-Aug-05 10:32:49

I think the shoe recycling bins round here go to Scope.

Carla Fri 19-Aug-05 10:40:54

Thanks guys. There are recycling bins round here too, just this sentimental twat preferred the idea of them being fitted onto other little feet rather than being ripped apart and recycled.

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