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UPVC window ventilation locks

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Chinchilla Sun 20-Jul-03 20:27:23

Does anyone know where to get these (if they exist). We are worried about ds climbing on to the window sill at night, but it is too hot to close the window. We have found ones for wood and metal wondows, but not UPVC.


tealady Sun 20-Jul-03 20:42:11

Do you know who your windows were made/installed by? I think the large window companies usually have this as an optional extra. We had Anglian UPVC windows in our last house and when we contacted them they arranged for the special 'restrictive hinges' to be ordered for our upstairs windows and they fitted them(at a cost of course).

codswallop Sun 20-Jul-03 20:46:52

I have a cunning device to fix them . We got a long strip of ?aluminium about the width of a lolly pop stick. Cut it to the length you require with a small hack saw and insert into the opening so that it jams the window open at a certain width.. Really easy and doesnt show. e mail if you want more specific instructions!!

Khara Sun 20-Jul-03 21:14:15

Great Little Trading Co do them - suitable for UPVC - but you have to buy the screws separately. Dh has just fitted some on the boys' windows.

Khara Sun 20-Jul-03 21:18:07

Sorry should have given you their website address

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