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Selling my wedding dress - should I ebay it?

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Miaou Thu 18-Aug-05 23:45:36

I want to sell my wedding dress. It's cream wild silk size 10, but quite short as I'm only 5'2" so possibly a limited market. I wondered about selling it on ebay but don't want it to go for peanuts.

Have you bought/sold a wedding dress on ebay? What would be a reasonable price to expect do you think? Or are there better places to sell it? I had a look on ebay but it mostly seems to be new ones on there.

Alternatively if you want a size 10 wedding dress please let me know and I'll send you pictures

Mary71 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:46:31

do you need the money??

MarsLady Thu 18-Aug-05 23:48:05

You could always put a reserve price on it to ensure that if it sold you would get a decent amount.

Miaou Thu 18-Aug-05 23:49:08

It would certainly come in very handy, Mary - I have a new baby and dh isn't working. <<Miaou gets the violins out>>

I'm not sentimental enough to want to keep it for my dds or for posterity, if that's where you're coming from.

Miaou Thu 18-Aug-05 23:50:18

I wondered about that Marslady - would £100 be too much, do you reckon? I paid £850 for it 11 years ago and it is in mint condition.

Mary71 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:54:14

what do you pay for it and when, I paid £380 for it in 1993 and I won't sell it as dd has got her eyes on it and I would get little for it? Can you not keep it and sell something else, sorry am sentimental and think wedding dresses are priceless

Miaou Thu 18-Aug-05 23:57:43

See my previous reply, Mary!

MarsLady Fri 19-Aug-05 01:15:25

seems fair miaou, but be prepared for it not to sell.

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