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Motivatingmum Sat 27-Mar-10 13:09:59

I ordered a Tens Machine from Tens Machine Direct and not only did it not turn up but they didn't answer my emails and there is no opportunity to call them as they don't have any numbers on their site.

When I googled them I found this horrific page of complaints against them:

Do not deal with them as they are rip-off artists, taking advantage of mums at a most vulnerable time when they need as little stress as possible.

I ended up having to give birth without this pain relief as couldn't organise something else in time.

They also go under the names:

Cheers! Alli

CKR Tue 27-Apr-10 09:41:50

Thanks for the tip off. I had not heard of them. I was recommended a company called Natures Gate by several friends and my midwife. They all said it had been a stress free experience and having now used them agree. Pretty good price too. they were easy to get hold of on the phone when I lost the instructions on return. Would recommend.

kathy1477 Thu 20-May-10 02:20:09

Oh dear. Think I am now having a problem with tensmachine Direct, Swansea. Bought a rather expensive maternity pillow last Tuesday, and so far nothing has arrived. I haved just e-mailed (middle of the night, so no point in phoning at this time), but am now not holding out much hope on this one....

I am normally so careful before I buy from new people on-line checking reviews in advance, but must have got carried away this time.

Sveta777 Thu 05-Aug-10 10:02:22

Oh my God!!! Why did not I see this web page before???
As described in three previous emails, I'm experiencing similar problem with this company.. I've ordered a pregnancy pillow from them, which has arrived. However, I find it unsuitable as it was very hard, "hard as rock", it had polyester or some other fillings, which made it very uncomfortable to sleep on, not saying wrapping around a delicate baby as advertised. I've contacted the company immediately, hoping to exchange or get a refund... but nothing from them, nothing at all! And there is no contact number!
So, I got stuffed, like that silly hard filled pillow!! Do not use the company, do you research before placing the order. As for me I will be contacting the Trading Standards, see if I can get a refund at least.
Anyone has any advice what else I could do?

Purplebuns Thu 05-Aug-10 10:06:06

Lloyds chemist do a good tens machine, you need to go in and ask and it gets sent out to you.

Sorry to hear about all these problems, if you paid by credit card you usually have insurance, you can also try taking it up with your bank?

Sveta777 Thu 05-Aug-10 17:12:33

Thanx for the advice.
Spoke with my bank, they advised me to wait 30 days, just in case I'll get the refund. If not, they'll try to retrieve to money.
But what a polava!!! and I still need a pillow!

Purplebuns Fri 06-Aug-10 09:42:34

Oh dear, at least the bank are willing to help

Sveta777 Mon 16-Aug-10 16:00:33

Just want to share piece of news re Tens Machine Direct.
I received a correspondence from them, in a form of refund invoice. I waited for a week to see if I'm actually going to get my money back.
And, surprise surprise...I did!!!
The money were back into my account week after their refund invoice.
Something obviously have changed with the company, maybe numerous complaints that they were receiving.

Still, I'm grateful for that, as I still had to buy my pillow. Very nice pillow i bought from the John Lewis.

MayWinn Wed 03-Nov-10 15:20:29

Hi guys,

Having a similarly frustrating issue with them. I found the DreamGenii pillow on (which is the first sponsored site when you Google pregnancy pillow). I purchased the pillow and some extra covers more than 2 weeks ago. I got an email 6 days ago saying it was shipped, but no sign of it.

And of course, there is no contact detail, or company registration number, so I can't track them down.

Sveta777, were there any contact details on the refund invoice that they sent?


bettybetty Wed 05-Jan-11 21:12:07

I have ordered an Angel monitor from this company and have not received anything. I have emailed many complaints to them either asking for the monitor or a refund and Ive not even had a response.

Due to this site having one positive comment in that someone did actually get a refund in August last year the Police refuse to tackle this as a crime of fraud/theft. They said that as at least one person received a refund it basically just suggests that this company are unorganised.

I don`t believe they are unorganised, I believe they are very organised and have developed companies to rip people off. They are organised enough to have at least 6 different companies (including websites) and a link to paypal.

The police need to investigate these transactions as theft. If someone took £70 off you whilst walking down the street then they would be on to them. What is the difference?

Trading standards are also aware of this company and as yet have made no effort to investigate it.

Why do the systems in place to protect us allow these people to continue in their criminal practices??

Its soooo frustrating.

HMH19 Wed 26-Jan-11 13:16:22

I wish I had seen these messages before. I live in the Netherlands although am English. I ordered a TENS machine from TENS Machine Direct as they delivered to the Netherlands and were a lot cheaper than I could get here. However, 4 weeks later and several emails NO TENS Machine and no reply.

DON'T use TENS Machine Direct. They have no telephone number and are fraudsters. VERY frustrating as am due to give birth in 2 days and is now too late to organise an alternative. Really what I don't need at this moment.

Wish me luck ladies, I'm going au natural (not through choice but through lack of drugs and now no TENS machine!).

All the very best -

ScaredOfCows Wed 26-Jan-11 13:32:01

Interesting thread. I sell TENS on Ebay from time to time, and have had trouble from this company sending rude emails to me and using my images. Have been completely puzzled as I don't know anything about them, but obviously they are just 'bad uns'.

hoolabombshell Sat 29-Jan-11 20:33:55

Well great. I have just ordered one from this company on the advice of another MNer who didn't seem to have any problems. Let's see if it arrives on Tuesday or I get shafted.

JHackmum Tue 15-Feb-11 11:49:56

Hi All
I wish I'd seen this before I ordered from this shoddy company Tens Machine Direct.
They have taken their money and sent nothing. I sent them chasers and emails with no response. How can they do this at such an important time?! So awful.
But weirdly, when I ordered a maternity pillow from them months ago it arrived no problem.
Would never ever recommend them now.

Wired66 Fri 04-Mar-11 21:42:01

Hi, I wish I had seen this site sooner. I ordered goods worth £192 from beginning of nov 2010, I then received an email from them saying my goods were on hold without saying why. Meanwhile they did not hesitate to withdraw the money from my account immediatly . I have written them countless emails but there's never any response. It's so unfair as the items were to bring some relief to my very sick son who suffers from sickle cell disease and has lost the use of his legs. I write to them often and also check the website every once in while incase they have put up a phone number, but nothing. Can anyone offer any advice?

noonoo09 Thu 17-Mar-11 16:15:49

I ordered a tens machine from this company my baby was 3 weeks early hence it did not arrive in time i sent it back recorded delivery with a letter following there returns policy, sent emails and have proof of purchase and three months later still no refund even though the machine was never used and returned in the original envelope.
Now having researched the company its obvious there a bunch of cowboys preying on all those that use there site.
i was thinking of reporting them to watchdog or trades standards

donnakebabnew Wed 23-Mar-11 09:37:50

Hi I used and they were great very reasonable and no problems what so ever the service was really good.


gingerjamesroyle Wed 04-May-11 12:00:03

Hi everyone.

I also ordered a tens machine from Tens Machine Direct and when it did not arrive I emailed them repeatedly over a period of a few weeks with NO response whatsoever. Please note that they had taken the payment from my account.

So heres what I did to sort my situation out (i got a FULL REFUND from Tens Machine direct within 10 minutes of conducting the following 3 steps):

1) i ordered a different Tens machine from a website that the NCT shop recommended - it cost about £10 more but hey, needs must!
2) i sent an email directly to Tens Machine Direct - I have copied the wording below so you can do the same:

"Dear Tens Med,

As you have failed to meet your end of our contract, therefore I wish to cancel my order.

My order number is: TMD-XXX. £XX.XX was debited from my account on the XX.XX.2011. I expect for the full amount (£XX.XX) to be refunded to me in the next 7 days else I shall take this matter further. Please acknowledge my email and cancelation of order and confirm that the refund will be made.

If I DO NOT hear back from you or receive the full refund in 7 days (XX.XX.2011) then I shall take this matter up with small claims court. I will also begin investigations with your payment providers and internet domain / host providers.


3) on the same day i called and emailed the payment service providers and internet service providers of Tens Med Direct to inform them that the company that they are providing professional services for appeared to be fraudulent and asked them to look in to the matter for me. I have copied the contact details and emails so you can do the same:

Internet provider: webfusion
email for provider:
"Hi There Abuse @ webfusion,

I wondered if you could please help me.

I am heavily pregnant and have ordered a pain relief machine from one
of the domains that you host "". Since making
the payment to the company I have not received my product and have
been unable to make contact with them.

I was hoping that you could please send me the active contact details
that you have for Mr Jonathon Davies OR so I
can try and contact them and cancel my order.

I have searched online looking for any information that I can find
but all I get are numerous different websites (all with no contact
details) and forums of parents to be that have had the same problem
as me:

Whois and enom that informed me
that webfusion was the domain host for this rogue company.

Please, please, please any help that you can give me would be greatly

If you hare having problems with, try emailing the above to:
Internet provider: 3dCart
email for provider: or

Payment service provider: Sagepay and Paypal
email for Sagepay:
phone for Sagepay: 0845 111 44 55
"Hi Sagepay support,

As discussed, I am heavily pregnant and have ordered a pain relief machine from one of the companies that you provide SagePay payment services for, the company is called Tens Machine Direct.

The payment has been taken but no product has been sent to me. I have tried numerous times to contact the company with no luck. I now wish to cancel my order and want a full refund as I have had to hire the product from a different provider.

Details of my order with Tens Machine Direct are:
I ordered the Tens Machine on the xx.xx.2011, my order number is: TMD-xxx. £xx.xx was debited from my account on the xx.xx.2011 (please see attached screenshots for evidence of order and payment being taken).

If you could please raise a formal complaint against this company with SagePay as well as sending them an email requesting a full refund that would me much appreciated.

If you could let me know if you hear anything your end that would be much appreciated.


I hope that this works for anyone who has been ripped off by Tens Machine Direct. Good luck!!


ps. for anyone that is conducting their own search here are details that I discovered for Tens Machines Direct (aka or
Domain name:

Jonathan Davies

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 20-May-2007
Renewal date: 20-May-2011
Last updated: 03-Jun-2009

KittyChat Fri 15-Jul-11 22:29:01

I am really cross I didn't see this before I ordered from this company. Thankfully I only ordered replacement pads, (and paid about £6 for 'airmail' postage for Swansea - didn't notice this until the confirmation came through).

I ordered three weeks ago and they haven't arrived, am due to be induced this weekend. Needless to say they haven't answered my emails and the number doesn't work.

Very annoyed and sorry for all of us who got ripped off by this bunch of shysters. I'm not going to be chasing them up for a tenner as I will have better things to worry about with a new baby. May follow it up at a later date because I am sure they are counting on people at their most vulnerable and busy to not log complaints.

AVOID AVOID AVOID Tens Machine Direct.

Maddiemoo01 Wed 14-Dec-11 17:31:17

I too wish we had found this thread before we ordered from As with the other contributors on this page I feel that we have been ripped off by this company. We hired a Tens machine which actually arrived very quickly (the next morning). However, when we tested it we found that one of the leads was faulty. We have made numerous attempts to contact them via email and have not yet had any reply or acknowledgement of our email. As others have said there is no telephone number to be found. My due date is tomorrow and they have left us high and dry. As most companies use a standard four day delivery service we have really struggled to find one that has an express delivery. We have now had to purchase one and pay for a next day delivery in order to ensure that we have it and that I have some peace of mind. This company are causing stress to people at their most anxious and vulnerable time.


Allen2011 Tue 20-Dec-11 10:31:19

I used them back in April, ordered a expensive pillow and a cover. Cover arrived but pillow never did. No phone number, lots of emails and letters, but no replies. Even contacted trading not use them!

AmyMcM Wed 20-Mar-13 22:23:27

I ordered 2 neck support pillows for my disabled baby daughter. I was rather less patient than most, ordered on the 6th, when on the 16th it had not appeared I emailed, when they had not responded to the email on the 20th I tried the freephone number advertised as 'sales' on the website. This number was not in use and actually quoted a different number had been dialled. I phoned the operator (100) who was most helpful and told me that not only was the freephone number NOT in use, but the other number was also not in use. The address quoted was actually on right move as a four bedroom barn conversion to rent in Monmouth, but the telephone number was a Bridgend number! I used the 'contact us' message board and gave them 2 hours to provide a reasonable response or I would be going to the police, as they had had my money for 2 weeks and I still did not have the goods, this therefore qualifies as theft in my opinion! As it appeared I had been 'ripped off' I contacted the police, National Internet Fraud unit. Although mine was only a mere £13.51, I was concerned about future 'victims'. I was also concerned as I was unable to pay with Paypal on the site and had had to use my debit card, which meant they had my details. I had to contact the bank and cancel my card (which in itself creates a whole new set of problems). The lady working for the fraud unit was lovely. It appears the company have been tipped off though (possibly by my stroppy message) and I assume temporarily, removed the website, within hours of my message/call to police. They are not 'disorganised' as some have suggested, but the modern day Dick Turpin.... Common thieves, using modern methods, targeting the vulnerable. I have much bigger battles I have to fight for my daughter and am disgusted that these individuals have been able to continue trading in one name or another, without arrest. My advice would be (for what it's worth), if you have been cheated by these people, contact either trading standards or the police (dependant on whether you actually receive the goods in some form or another, or whether you have been debited the money without the receipt of any goods). I would hope that with enough complaints and reports, that action could and would then be taken. They are not going to carry out a full investigation for my £13.51, but collectively this feed alone would be ample complaints!

Kitkatz Mon 18-Nov-13 12:58:21

They're still up to it. I ordered a double bump pillow which arrived in good time - but it's appalling quality - rock hard, uncomfortable, and when I used it, it gave me pins and needles and loss of sensation down one side of my body. Certainly not worth £19, and potentially not good for your health either. They have not replied to my emails and there is no phone number or contact address. Therefore I have filed a dispute through paypal.

barryandhelen Mon 19-May-14 13:10:39

You can add to the list of aliases.

The give-away is that there isn't a phone number for contacting them. We'll jot this down to "learning" and try to arrange a machine quick-quick!

RachGo1 Thu 02-Oct-14 15:23:03

I wish I'd read these reviews before ordering through this shoddy company!! Ordered a pregnancy pillow at �40, so thought it must be a good one... it came in about a week or so, labelled as a pet product (and also on my credit statement as a Dog Dozer...). Anyway, looked fine so attempted to use it one night, but it seemed to be covered with some kind of waxy, wet residue. I thought I was imagining it so I asked my husband, but he said I was right. It was emitting some kind of liquid!! SO horrible. I tried to lie on it, just to see if it really was wet because I couldn;t believe it, it was so strange... but as soon as my body tuoched it, my thighs, arms and neck were wet!! Vile. Obviously I emailed them and asked for a refund and said they could have it back if they wanted it (no doubt they'll sell it onto someone else) and they came back and said if I wanted to return it I had to pay for the return costs (and no mention of a refund). I was fuming. Emailed them back and - surprise surprise - nothing! Tried to find a phone number but nothing and then I came across all these awful similar stories. So upsetting and annoying, no only because I can do without dealing with this cr@p now but I'm now over 20 weeks and really needed that pillow to keep me from sleeping on my back. What a bunch of **ers. I'm going to conatct my credit card company and see if there's anything they can do, but in teh meantime, don't order from them! I ordered through but the name on the email is TENS Med and I understand from this thread that they go under various differnt names/websites.

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