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LissyGlitter Thu 29-Oct-09 14:46:51

I live near Newcastle, my parents are in Preston and my sister is in London. DD is 2.7 and another DD is imminent, and DD is rubbish at using the phone (she points it at stuff to show people things, she answers questions by nodding her head, etc). I have decided to invest in a set of webcams. I am going to buy my parents one and my sister one as well, and install my parents one for them (they have zero technical skills, although my dad thinks he knows what he is doing).

I already own a cheapo one, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with anything, so i'm thinking of just buying three identical branded ones that will definitely work with msn or skype or something.

Any tips? They need to be pretty cheap, although I am willing to buy ones that are not the cheapest to ensure that they work properly as my parents (and probably my sister) wouldn't be able to mend them if they went wrong.

We all have laptops and virgin media broadband. All the laptops are pretty basic but from within the last few years, running windows of some type. I use firefox, but the others use IE.

Do we need to buy separate microphones, or will the cameras have them inbuilt? The whole thing needs to be very easy to use.

Claire2301 Thu 29-Oct-09 15:20:50

Webcams I am unsure about however headphone wise Tesco do a fab value one - headset with speaker for about £5. I get this as it often gets wrecked by kids so it's no major heartache to buy another. HTH

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