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Can anyone recommend a good humidifier/vaporiser for treating colds/coughs?

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AngeK Tue 27-Oct-09 10:26:15

My DD has just had a mild case of croup, during which we sat in a steamy bathroom a couple of times, and with winter coming again there's always stuffy noses and coughs.

A couple of people have recommended that I get a humidifier or vaporiser (don't know which one would be better?) Anyone got any specific recommendations and whether a humidifier or vaporiser is better? Our house is quite humid anyway, the windows are always running with condensation in the morning. I wonder if a humidifier would create a swimming pool in my kids' bedroom... hmm


gnatbite Tue 27-Oct-09 21:56:58

We got this one from John Lewis - I really don't rate it at all, in fact it's on the side waiting to go back.

We couldn't control the flow of mist meaning everything in her room got drenched and to be honest it didn't really help with the croup at all. Humidifier may not be the best idea if you have alot of condensation anyway.

I have no idea about vaporisers I'm afraid but off to have a look now to see if it might work for us too! Thanks smile

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