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baby2childhood website

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spannerp Thu 22-Oct-09 22:00:35

Hi there,

Has anyone out there ever successfully ordered through the website I ordered from them nearly 2 weeks ago, they've taken my money but I've had no contact from them, I can't get a response to any emails I send and I've tried calling a crazy amount of times and left messages but no-one gets back to me - also...they only have a bt response answer machine, not a proper company one so I'm thinking they've just run off with my money! I'm livid!

I appreciate that it might be an honest mistake on their part but if anyone has any positive feedback regarding them or knows of anyway to contact them I'd really appreciate it.


buddycarol Wed 11-Nov-09 22:29:36

So i have been told the owner of the website was rushed in to hospital a few weeks back,

But everthing is back on track now, as i have purchased a footmuff and also received the mumsnet discount.

Purchased one day delivered the next

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